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How many ways can you celebrate pi? [Read More]
Domino's is offering a huge deal on pizza the week after Pi Day. [Read More]
Throughout the day, seventh and eighth grade students celebrated Pi Day, which is held on March 14 (3.14) in recognition of the ratio of the... [Read More]
Austintown Intermediate School celebrated international Pi Day on March 14. [Read More]
Ronald Cole Jordan, 80, of Front Royal, Virginia, passed away Thursday, March 14 (Pi Day), 2019 at the Martinsburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West... [Read More]
Holy Family Academy first-grader Andrea Gortva, above, and eighth-grader Mason Mazurkiwecz dive into some pies during Pi Day contest at the school. Visit for... [Read More]
Oakcrest High School celebrated Pi Day on 3.14, or March 14. Pi Day honors the value of pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to... [Read More]
Cedar Creek celebrated Pi Day on Thursday, March 14. Pi Day honors the value of pi (3.14), a ratio of a circle's circumference to its... [Read More]
March 14th is "Pi Day", for reasons which should be obvious to our more mathematically inclined readers. As you are not reading this post on... [Read More]
Last Thursday, March 14, I focused on National Pi Day, because the date 3/14 expresses the three most significant digits of an important mathematical constant.... [Read More]
Pictured, from left to right: Lexi Steneken, Justin Agliardo, Anjali Hareesh, Max McMurray, and Marla Kay. The excitement was evident last Thursday, March... [Read More]
Last week was Pi Day, March 14. When you represent it as the month, (3), and the day, (14), it is 3.14. Pi is... [Read More]
Domino's is offering a huge deal on pizza the week after Pi Day. [Read More]
I joined a select group of students, makers and educators who didn't let the ominous Bomb Vortex Blizzard (actual name of the snowstorm that hit... [Read More]
The concept was simple enough: Buy a ticket, claim victims. [Read More]
This Pi Day (March 14), experts gathered at MIT to discuss the future of space exploration and they found that it will depend on collaboration,... [Read More]
Scientists, engineers, mathematicians try to make the cut on Pi Day... [Read More]
March 14 is a big day for pie makers, and the Stillwater kitchen of Sara's Tipsy Pies had all hands on deck to keep up... [Read More]
From the blog of David Herman at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic School kicked off Pi day, March 14, by wishing Albert Einstein (aka Adam P., left) a happy birthday. The... [Read More]