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"Pokemon Go" will be launching numerous events in the next three months, and Niantic is posting updates, including new raids, a new Soundcloud playlist, and... [Read More]
"Pokemon Go" fans are in for a treat as Niantic gears up for the upcoming "Pokemon Go" events. New graphics, music, confetti, and intro curtain... [Read More]
This month Pokemon Go added the Galarian versions of Slowpoke and Slowbro, and right now players... [Read More]
The latest update for Pokemon GO revealed new music, confetti, and graphics for the game. Several new assets in the game's files suggest that Niantic... [Read More]
Pokemon Go's newest loading screen shows off some early details about Pokemon Go Fest, including... [Read More]
Shadow Ho-Oh will be in Giovanni's possession starting June 17. [Read More]
A new Shadow Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go will introduce Shadow Ho-Oh as its newest... [Read More]
There's a Shiny Mega Slowbro at a Pokemon gym near you, if you're lucky, starting this week. This raid boss is an absolute monster, a... [Read More]
It appears the Gen 5 Mythical Pokemon will make its debut during Pokemon Go Fest 2021. [Read More]
Pokemon Go just teased that their Pokemon Go Fest 2021 event will serve as the first official... [Read More]
Today we're taking a peek at the "A Very Slow Discovery" event in Pokemon GO. This event began on June 8, 2021, and will last... [Read More]
Niantic increased the diversity of spawns in "Pokemon Go" while also giving players good raid targets for the beginning of summer with Regirock, Regice, Registeel,... [Read More]
Here's how to complete the new "Pokemon GO" A Very Slow Event. [Read More]
There's a "Special Raid Weekend" event coming to Pokemon GO this month, complete with monstrous potential for Mega Evolution. This event will feature more frequent... [Read More]
Pokemon Go's latest event starts today, adding two new variant Pokemon and a new Mega-Evolved... [Read More]
Pokemon Go is hosting a Special Raid Weekend this week, complete with several can't-miss bonuses. [Read More]
You'll encounter more Raids and earn twice the usual amount of Candy during this weekend's event. [Read More]
For more than a decade, the mobile app industry has been transforming the way we use our mobile devices. With Apple and Google leading the... [Read More]
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