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Polls show a close race in battleground states of the Midwest and South ahead of Tuesday's first debate — but Joe Biden has an edge... [Read More]
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday night said the city will look into whether President Trump has paid the correct amount of city taxes. "Our... [Read More]
The decision by a federal judge Sunday to temporarily block a federal ban on TikTok marks another setback to President Trump's efforts to quickly overhaul... [Read More]
The former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court is warning that President Trump poses a "grave and... [Read More]
Sandra Karas, secretary-treasurer of Actors' Equity, was surprised Monday morning when she read The New York Times' article about President Trump's income taxes – and... [Read More]
President Trump on Monday announced that his administration plans to distribute 150 million rapid coronavirus tests to schools, nursing homes and other facilities in the... [Read More]
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Monday that she hasn't "made a plan one way or another" on meeting President Trump's Supreme Court nominee. [Read More]
The Canadian woman accused of trying to poison Pres. Donald Trump appeared in federal court on Monday. Federal officials say Pascale Ferrier had close to... [Read More]
The city Department of Finance will investigate whether President Trump has paid his city taxes, Mayor de Blasio said Monday night in the wake of... [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made himself largely unavailable to questions from reporters since before his nomination. In contrast, President Trump has made himself... [Read More]
The president tweeted he would be in the state "soon" [Read More]
President Trump and congressional Republicans are on the precipice of securing what they view as a key part of their legacy: a top-down reshaping of... [Read More]
President Trump's campaign put out talking points before Tuesday night's presidential debate instructing GOP lawmakers and staff not to underestimate Joe Biden's debating ability. [Read More]
President Trump inspected the new endurance electric pickup truck from Ohio's Lordstown Motors. He is claiming success for boosting the region's economy a…... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the New York Times report on President Trump's tax returns comes with broad national security implications. [Read More]
None of Biden's previously uneven performances in debates can prepare him to take on President Trump, but Democrats are hoping he'd score points as he... [Read More]
President Trump on Monday denied the bombshell report that revealed he only paid $750 in federal income taxes in recent years, while Democratic presidential nominee Joe... [Read More]
President Trump touts new testing progress as schools monitor COVID-19 cases; Jonathan Serrie reports. [Read More]
Tax experts shared their insights on The New York Times's investigation into President Trump's income tax history. [Read More]
Bombshell New York Times story may shed new light on why Trump doesn't like jokes about his wealth being exaggerated... [Read More]
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