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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Although there will be no more Presidential Debates, President Donald Trump is still taking these last weeks to campaign across America; and one of those... [Read More]
The second and final faceoff between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden looked like a more normal debate compared to the pair's... [Read More]
But this year they were urgently needed. [Read More]
We have to do better than Thursday night's debate next time around. So let's make presidential debates worth our time to watch in 2024. [Read More]
Thursday night in Nashville, the Commission on Presidential Debates did what the news media have been trying to do for four years — silence President... [Read More]
Thursday evening's presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden was one for the history books. A new rule was enacted... [Read More]
Democratic Nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump faced off in a far less chaotic final debate Thursday night, but Texas politicians still had plenty... [Read More]
Kristin Welker has received rave reviews for her 'poised and fresh' moderation of a contentious final presidential debate - including from President Donald Trump.  Welker, NBC's... [Read More]
It came down to muting the president. That's what it took to stage a reasonably civil debate between President Donald Trump and former vice president... [Read More]
The best thing about Thursday night's presidential debate is that it probably didn't leave millions of Americans wanting to take a shower, despairing for the... [Read More]
Well, the final installation in the torture nightmare that was the presidential debates occurred Thursday and it was as you might expect. Two men spoke... [Read More]
This fall's presidential debates have chewed up moderators – meet the next one up, NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker. [Read More]
Donald Trump's family finally added masks to their outfits for the final presidential debate, after being warned that they'd be kicked out if they took... [Read More]
A representative of the Commission on Presidential Debates — not the moderator — will ensure each candidate has two full minutes uninterrupted to deliver opening... [Read More]
Schools, stores, the U.S. military academy, and U.S. presidential debates are all using plexiglass to protect people from the coronavirus. Demand is surging for plastic... [Read More]
Gold prices may rise if the final presidential debates reinforces Mr. Biden's lead in the polls and softens demand for the haven-linked US Dollar. [Read More]
Where do you turn to get the facts? Especially in a year like this when people are trying to figure out what is and isn't... [Read More]
The Commission on Presidential Debates announced just hours before the debate was set to start at Belmont University that the barriers were removed for two... [Read More]
The final presidential debate takes place Thursday, where both candidates will give their last pitch to the American people on why they think they should... [Read More]
"I love hosting the presidential debates, so I would've loved to have done that this time around," she tells PEOPLE... [Read More]
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