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The value of the LGBTQ market is not lost on businesses trying to win over consumers during Pride Month. [Read More]
Pride Month is all about celebrating the strength, solidarity and love of the LGBTQ community. [Read More]
The FBI has launched an investigation after explosives were found on a church's display supporting LGBTQ Pride Month in Washington state. The Seattle Times... [Read More]
Pride Month is all about diversity, equality and, according to Mari Cruz, it is most of all about love."Love is love, it's that simple. No... [Read More]
In honor of Pride Week in Oklahoma City, we're highlighting restaurants that are offering something special for Pride Month or that go out of their... [Read More]
There is no ground zero or state of normal from which a person deviates, and even though Pride Month has become a vehicle for exploitation,... [Read More]
The FBI is investigating a possible explosion that took place at the United Christian Church Wednesday morning. It's the second attack on the church this... [Read More]
Some fear the incidents are connected to a pride month display the church put up to show its inclusivity. [Read More]
Nationwide, as many as 70 percent of LGBTQ students report being harassed at school over their sexual orientation. [Read More]
It's hard not to smile when "YMCA" puts folks into vocal and letter action at ballparks or on the dance floor, all these years after... [Read More]
via YouTube On Monday morning, Taylor Swift released the music video for "You Need to Calm Down," the second single off her upcoming album Lover.... [Read More]
University of Central Arkansas library celebrated Pride month with sign featuring quote by Lady Gaga. President ordered quote removed. His explanation angered many on campus. [Read More]
Perhaps overlooked in all the colorful Pride Month celebrations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ) population is the toll that the... [Read More]
Pride Month is here! And with it comes a monthlong excursion navigating coast-to-coast parades to celebrate community, self-affirmation, and a true gathering of family with... [Read More]
The intention of six doors painted in rainbow colors outside of a Renton church was to promote inclusivity and love during Pride month. But since... [Read More]
As Pride Month is well underway, there's now an easy way to keep up with all of the WorldPride NYC events happening all around the... [Read More]
The Encinitas City Council on Wednesday authorized to fly the rainbow flag at City Hall in honor of Pride month. [Read More]
Celebrate Pride Month by reading a YA, middle-grade or picture book created by a Canadian LGBTQ author. [Read More]
Colorado is now the 18th state to ban so-called "conversion therapy" for vulnerable LGBTQ youth, also becoming the second state to take action to ban the... [Read More]
Hi everyone, especially those who waved at me at the Pride Parade last weekend. I hope you're all healing nicely from the lizard-skin sunburns you... [Read More]