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2020 election updates from the San Antonio area, including early voting information. [Read More]
A political consultant in San Antonio, Texas, was caught on a hidden camera in a Project Veritas undercover investigation coercing and bribing voters to vote... [Read More]
Social media is on fire and the Left is enraged as Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as just the fifth female Supreme Court Justice... [Read More]
Yikes... [Read More]
James O'Keefe strikes again! Project Veritas on Tuesday released a bombshell undercover video of a Texas "Republican" consultant violating both Texas and federal laws. Raquel... [Read More]
James O'Keefe strikes again! Project Veritas on Monday released undercover of a field organizer for Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossoff admitting he keeps his... [Read More]
An executive of a group affiliated with the Democratic Party was filmed calling for violence to gain political control. Project Veritas released hidden camera footage... [Read More]
"We are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of political will," says Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe... [Read More]
Another undercover Project Veritas video has been released exposing Google as a far-left information gatekeeper that actively suppresses conservative voices online. In this one, Google... [Read More]
O'Keefe strikes again! Project Veritas on Wednesday released another bombshell undercover video exposing Google. The head of Google's Global Competitive Analysis admitted the platforms "are... [Read More]
An undercover video from James O'Keefe and the investigative journalists at Project Veritas shows a Google employee boasting that the company "censor out news from your... [Read More]
"I think, the thing that I feel worse about is that people don't know that it's happening to them," he says... [Read More]
A Google staffer was recorded by Project Veritas, an undercover journalism nonprofit, speaking about the how the tech giant censors political views. [Read More]
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