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SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Late Saturday night, a federal judge in San Francisco issued a preliminary injunction blocking President Donald Trump's executive order limiting... [Read More]
The Daily News verifies and reviews all letters to the editor we receive. The letters represent the views of the letter writers, not those of... [Read More]
"Protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver." [Read More]
The following editorial appeared in Sunday's Japan News-Yomiuri: - - - Amid the ongoing transformation of society through digitization, the Fair... [Read More]
September marks Suicide Prevention Month. Just as we are protecting our physical health right now, we must also take care of our mental health as... [Read More]
I don't ever give much credence to people who want to remain anonymous when making comments about anything. I figure if you don't want to... [Read More]
It's not good news when you have an issue that is so explosive that it divides people who might normally be considered like-minded simpaticos. [Read More]
In the aftermath of last week's mass destruction, we take a deep dive into the history of wildfire and forest management in Central Oregon, with... [Read More]
In northern Los Angeles County, firefighters focused on protecting homes Saturday as increasingly erratic winds pushed the Bobcat Fire toward foothill communities in the Antelope... [Read More]
Michelle Obama opened up about her daughters Sasha and Malia and how they were protected by their famous parents. [Read More]
Age readers discuss the Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Jane Hume, saying industry super funds were forgetting their role. [Read More]
TRAVELLING with checked luggage means putting your faith in the airport and staff that it will get from A to B in one piece. A... [Read More]
The dozen graduates of the 76th Waco Police Academy, composed of whites, blacks, Hispanics, men and women, not only look a lot like the everyday... [Read More]
Congressman Upton will make any number of deceptive claims before this year's election. Predictably, he'll say he's a bipartisan policymaker who believes in protecting people... [Read More]
Bill Barr is openly committing treason by protecting Trump and his criminals from justice. There are thousands of honest attorneys and such that want him... [Read More]
SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) In a rare Saturday afternoon hearing, a federal judge in San Francisco heard a motion by a WeChat user group... [Read More]
Did the United boss get it wrong? [Read More]
"If President Trump has an ounce of decency, he should promptly pardon Edward Snowden, who at a very young age, with a promising career and... [Read More]
The International Affairs Budget supports critical development and diplomacy programs around the world. There are programs funded by the budget that create jobs for the... [Read More]
Rep. Shane Morigeau's Native Montana roots with broad experience in law and as a legislator protecting public lands and healthcare for constituents positions him as... [Read More]
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