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Stalking case shows 'doxxing,' sketchy side of flag waves in outskirts of Portland as political tensions spread. [Read More]
The nation's spy office says it is moving to brief a bipartisan group of Florida lawmakers that has called for more details related to Russian... [Read More]
During a Friday Trump campaign rally at Florida's largest retirement community, the Villages, a man wearing a Proud Boys hat was spotted repeatedly flashing the... [Read More]
Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio, Bevelyn Beatty and Edmee Chavanne did some community service last night, removing all the anti-Trump signs that were plastered across... [Read More]
The news today is full of stories about white supremacy groups like the Proud Boys and the Ku Klux Klan. These groups are increasingly common... [Read More]
Sen. Susan Collins called out Sara Gideon for being "from away." She didn't have the courage to call out Trump for his despicable behavior, behavior... [Read More]
In Michigan, your vote remains private - who you vote for at any level remains protected information.On. Oct. 22, Iran sent spoofed emails designed to... [Read More]
Matt Gaetz is a poisonous embarassment to his District, Florida and the United States Congress. Just last week he appeared at a rally where the... [Read More]
Op-ed: Politicians such as Trump who tolerate and encourage white supremacist groups are just as threatening as the hate groups themselves. [Read More]
President Donald Trump made the Proud Boys a household name during one of this year's presidential debates. [Read More]
A story about domain names, white nationalists, and accusations of money laundering. [Read More]
The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the Proud Boys as a hate group. [Read More]
Treating the Proud Boys like the joke they are. [Read More]
A man standing directly behind the president at a retirement community in Florida repeatedly held up the 'OK' hand gesture - which has been adopted... [Read More]
On the eve of the presidential election, are men ready to stand up and yell fire in the national theater we call the United States?... [Read More]
Joe Biden accidentally called the Proud Boys the Poor Boys during his final debate with Donald Trump ... [Read More]
"It included my full name, and then it was just bodily threats." The student at Oklahoma showed the email, which threatened her and told her... [Read More]
JOE Biden made another blunder in the final election debate last night, referring to the white supremacist group the Proud Boys as the "Poor Boys."... [Read More]
'I'm naming my new band Abe Lincoln and the Poor Boys,' one Twitter user writes... [Read More]
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