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A district court judge ruled Tuesday that the state had met its burden in arguing that no amount of bail would ensure public safety in... [Read More]
In a presentation about statewide police reform measures on Monday, Public Safety Commissioner David Lanoie argued for placing a greater emphasis on higher education for... [Read More]
Atlanta's mayor and police chief made private visits to the neighborhoods bordering the site of the controversial Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. [Read More]
Roughly 800 people spent their early afternoon on Tuesday in a virtual town hall with University of Virginia officials to discuss public safety amid an... [Read More]
Brandon T. Lee, 20, of Champaign was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges of aggravated battery after being interviewed at the UI Public Safety Building. [Read More]
A new bill that would prohibit any physical use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle saw a favorable report in the House Public... [Read More]
Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger announced Tuesday a $10,000 salary increase for Cecil County law enforcement, corrections and paramedic EMS labor unions, along with emergency... [Read More]
Clark County Commissioners met on Tuesday to discuss the budget for Fiscal Year 2024 and nearly half is being used for public safety... [Read More]
The officials outlined several safety resources available to community members, and vowed to do everything they can to identify and address the causes of the... [Read More]
Most headlines surrounding the incoming Atlanta police training center show protesters pitted against police officers or intense political debates at Atlanta City Hall. But, what... [Read More]
A district court judge ruled Tuesday afternoon that the state had met its burden in arguing no amount of bail would ensure public safety in... [Read More]
Premier Tim Houston says he has no intention of compromising public safety with new legislation to improve patient access to health-care providers, but he bristled... [Read More]
Chippewa Falls Fire and Emergency Services needs to hire four people to be fully staffed, then another three for new positions established as the result... [Read More]
A hearing for Assemblyman Jim Patterson's (R-Fresno) recently introduced Assembly Bill 1058 (AB 1058), aiming to increase penalties ... [Read More]
Orangeburg Department of Public Safety... [Read More]
Traffic headed northbound on I-35 in Waco is currently being diverted onto the service road from Exit 354, according to the Texas Department of Public... [Read More]
To help educate businesses and citizens, Cedar Falls Public Safety will hold open active shooter training courses this spring. [Read More]
Smithtown councilman Tom Lohmann, the council's Public Safety liaison, said Tuesday that the "DA's office is actively looking into this for environmental crimes ... I've... [Read More]
The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS) says My90 will help them engage with the public, collect feedback and achieve better results after service calls. [Read More]
Gotion battery plant panel discussion moves to virtual only, after concerns for public safety come to light... [Read More]
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