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As G7 countries and private enterprises alike step up efforts to oppose Putin's ongoing war in Ukraine, Tokyo is reassessing its Russian energy partnerships. [Read More]
The revenue powers Vladimir V. Putin's war machine in Ukraine. But plans for new U.S. sanctions could create problems with China, India and other major... [Read More]
VLADIMIR PUTIN'S attempts to destabilise Europe may have brought Western nations into closer alignment. After the UK signed historic mutual security agreements with Finland and... [Read More]
FORMER US President George Bush made a gaffe while speaking about the importance of democracy and accidentally condemned the "unjustified and brutal" invasion of Iraq... [Read More]
Seeing Russia invade Ukraine, historically neutral Finland has undergone a late conversion and decided to join NATO immediately.Why? Because NATO membership means the world's strongest... [Read More]
The Russian president has been accused of worsening the global food crisis by using weaponising hunger at a G7 meeting on Wednesday. [Read More]
Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to have demoted two top military official for the failure in taking Kharkiv and for the sinking of the... [Read More]
NATO will soon boost its ranks with two new members, bringing the global military alliance to 32 and extending its reach to Russia's border. How... [Read More]
Terminators can engage multiple targets at once and on different heights... [Read More]
Vladimir Putin's daughter Katerina Tikhonova, 35, reportedly has a daughter with 52-year-old Igor Zelensky, who is a leading Russian professional ballet dancer and top director. [Read More]
THE EU has finally put forward a plan to cut Russian oil and gas entirely by 2027 after months of mulling over sanctions amid the... [Read More]
Plus: Putin turns the screw on global food supplies as Russian officials fear Mariupol abuse will backfire... [Read More]
VLADIMIR PUTIN is planning to weaponise global food supplies, Western officials claim as Russia unleashes a new "wonder weapon". [Read More]
RUSSIAN forces have targeted civilian areas in a strategy of "increased savagery" to capture the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. [Read More]
VLADIMIR Putin's alleged illness is debilitating military operations in Ukraine, a former intelligence expert claims. [Read More]
Vladimir Putin has suspended two senior commanders over Russia's failure to capture Kharkiv and the sinking of Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva, during the Ukraine... [Read More]
VLADIMIR Putin's military command is struggling under a "culture of cover-ups and scapegoating" as the Russian forces continue to stumble in their military objections, the... [Read More]
The battle that turned Mariupol into a worldwide symbol of defiance and suffering drew toward a close as Russia said nearly 1,000 last-ditch Ukrainian fighters... [Read More]
Russia's depleted and demoralised army has been routed on many fronts. But the final contest will be fought along the Donbas' contact line where the... [Read More]
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