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Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young explains why timing is everything in Queensland's roadmap to reopening. [Read More]
Queensland recorded no new cases of COVID-19 on another "Super Saturday" as schools open for pop-up vaccination clinics. [Read More]
More severe thunderstorms forecast for Queensland after a tornado ripped through Brisbane Airport. [Read More]
Queensland has a roadmap to reopening but there are concerns tourists will be coming back too slowly, with long-term ramifications for the industry. [Read More]
The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed a tornado touched down in Queensland. [Read More]
Bureau of Meteorology has forecast more potentially severe thunderstorms across much of the state... [Read More]
John Reginald Wright, 78, appeared in Bunbury Court in WA on Thursday and was extradited to Queensland overnight. ... [Read More]
The sites relate to a Victorian truck driver who tested positive to the virus after spending two days in the Queensland community. [Read More]
Queensland is on high alert with another truck driver testing positive for Covid - as a dozen new exposure sites are listed after Covid positive... [Read More]
Queensland authorities say an interstate truck driver has been infectious in the Brisbane community for two days as they reported no new community cases linked... [Read More]
Scott Morrison takes a swipe at Annastacia Palaszczuk for locking Queenslanders out of her state as he demands home quarantine... [Read More]
Queensland has been closed off the NSW, Victoria and the ACT for months and even requires its own residents to quarantine in a hotel for... [Read More]
Lock the Gate alliance says the 'disgraceful' Queensland project is a 'Trojan horse' for new coalmines... [Read More]
Quilpie mayor says Queensland town's response to rural housing crisis has created extraordinary interest from city dwellers and beyond... [Read More]
A new analysis by researchers from the University of Queensland has confirmed that the prints were actually left by a Prosauropod - a small and... [Read More]
A dinosaur fossil that was previously thought to be a terrifying 'raptor-like' carnivore is actually a timid vegetarian that lived 220 million years ago, a... [Read More]
Just months before Shandee Blackburn, 23, had her throat cut and was stabbed 20 times in Queensland, Australia, she was warned by a psychic after... [Read More]
A footprint made in southeast Queensland 220 million years ago and thought for the last 50 years to have been made by a fearsome predator... [Read More]
Ventilation audits are being conducted to determine whether Queensland schools will need heavy-duty air filters to better protect students and staff. [Read More]
The Crime and Corruption Commission has been accused of "overstepping the mark" and "not always acting impartially and fairly". [Read More]
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