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Using a Raspberry Pi for jam sessions... [Read More]
The lockdown has inspired many of us to take-up a little DIY, with many experimenting with the Raspberry Pi. However, we've seen few finer-looking |... [Read More]
Check blood sugar at a glance... [Read More]
Had too much self-quarantine? [Sharathnaik] did so he decided to build a robot companion named Ewon. Using a Raspberry Pi, Ewon isn't a robot that... [Read More]
The checkra1n jailbreak has been updated with support for jailbreaking iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5. The team notes that this release is a preview and... [Read More]
Google's game-streaming service can run on a Raspberry Pi 4. [Read More]
Keep an eye on Bitcoin prices without lifting a finger. [Read More]
Historically, booting a Raspberry Pi required an SD card. However, if you follow [tynick's] instructions, you can get a Pi 4 to boot from the... [Read More]
A new firmware update lets you use any USB device to boot a Pi 4. [Read More]
Load an OS on Raspberry Pi without a microSD card... [Read More]
Your Raspberry Pi touchscreen not working could be from problelms in your hardware or software. Hence, this guide contains 5 best fixes for this issue. [Read More]
The only way to restore access to your Raspberry Pi if you forgot your password or if the sytem rejects the default one, is to... [Read More]
There's almos only one things you can do when your Raspberry Pi won't read the SD card and that is to format the card and... [Read More]
To fix the Raspberry Pi camera not detected issue make sure the camera is enabled in Raspi-config tool, diagnose for loose connection and hardware issues... [Read More]
When HDMI fails to work on your Raspberry Pi, first try to check the cable and the power source. Or, you can change the HDMI... [Read More]
To fix the raspberry pi not connecting to wifi / ethernet issue remove underscore in your SSID, restart your home network or check for hardware... [Read More]
To fix the raspberry pi not booting issue check for power issues, diagnose the SD card for errors, check the HDMI cable or check for... [Read More]
To fix the Raspberry Pi causing fsck errors use the Windows USB troubleshooter to fix scan and fix the drive. Or run dsofsck on Linux... [Read More]
If you're wondering how to get around an authentication token manipulation error on Raspberry Pi, the answer is tweaking the files of the installed image. [Read More]
When you get EXT4-fs error on Raspberry Pi, there are only two things you can do: check power source and check if the SD card... [Read More]
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