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In Initiative 940, we have an example of how to confront the issues that preceded ongoing unrest. [Read More]
Health Minister Robin Swann has announced an £11.7m support package for care homes, the first step towards ensuring lessons from the pandemic are learned and... [Read More]
Without first ensuring affordable and accessible child care, we are placing a large portion of our friends and families into choosing between their jobs and... [Read More]
Reed Hastings, chairman and CEO of Netflix, donated $1 million to a research organization dedicated to fighting racial bias in American law enforcement using data... [Read More]
Demonstrations across the nation continue to call for justice and reform of police practices. While Hawaii has largely avoided the kinds of incidents that make... [Read More]
Arizona Democrats are calling for a special legislative session to address police accountability. [Read More]
Peaceful protests occurred in suburban areas of metro Denver on Tuesday. Demonstrators called for criminal justice reform in the wake of the killing of George... [Read More]
Conversations with protesters at a demonstration against police brutality and racism in Oakland, California, Tuesday revealed... [Read More]
Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold and City Council at its Tuesday meeting pledged local law enforcement reform beyond what is already underway as a another... [Read More]
At times the protest felt more like a parade. [Read More]
As many protesters call for police reform (or less officers in general), Erika Jayne insisted that her son was 'brought up NOT to be racist.'... [Read More]
As protests continue in downtown Indianapolis, demonstrators could be seen on the ground chanting "I can't breath." [Read More]
As protests continue in downtown Indianapolis, demonstrators could be seen on the ground chanting "I can't breath."The plea for help uttered by George Floyd before... [Read More]
Peaceful protests in cities such as New York, Washington, D.C., Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles highlighted the call for police reform and justice for... [Read More]
Harris spent the weekend following the killing in Minneapolis, meeting with other activists, leading and participating in protests, visiting the site where the killing happened... [Read More]
Arizona lawmakers and City of Phoenix wants Governor Ducey to consider including police reform measures. Arizona saw it's highest single-day increase in new COVID-19 cases... [Read More]
It is right that people are protesting the murder of George Floyd and others. But the protesters have incredible power and they are not using... [Read More]
State legislators in Minnesota's People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus have introduced a slew of police and criminal justice reform bills in response to... [Read More]
"For black Americans, our history is paved with the racism and violence of the original sin of slavery." [Read More]
In a heated debate, the two candidates seeking the Republican nomination to be attorney general disagreed vehemently over criminal justice reform, campaign contributions and experience... [Read More]
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