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This first part of Channel 4's documentary saw Sue Perkins meet the people made famous by Nomadland – but only really scratched the surface... [Read More]
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) revealed that the phrase "Jewish space lasers" hurt her feelings after it was reported that she had complained about the... [Read More]
It's a trend that has regrettably swept over from the US: riotous applause for unexceptional performances... [Read More]
"The incredible amount of diversity that we get in the waterfowl in the winter is just really impressive, especially in the New York City area."... [Read More]
Holly Willoughby is a national treasure and despite her youthful looks, she seems to have been hosting national TV forever - but fans have been... [Read More]
More homes are being built or retrofitted with solar panels, but the traditional model of pumping the power back into the grid just isn't cutting... [Read More]
A school receptionist has gone viral on TikTok many times with her videos brutally judging pupils' names from Olivia and Jack to Sophie and Rex,... [Read More]
Andrew Garfield really just loved being Spider-Man. [Read More]
"Just consider this team for a moment. Ten wins (with a) rookie quarterback. You make the playoffs. You have a seven-game winning streak. Those are... [Read More]
Colorado investigators are looking into a property owned by a Christian fundamentalist cult known as 'Twelve Tribes' as the source of the massive wildfire that destroyed... [Read More]
did really badly but not 100% sure where it all went wrong? I was attempting to develop pieces before taking in the center but that... [Read More]
People are being told they will have their benefits cut if they don't attend job agency appointments, as government resists calls to pause 'mutual obligation'... [Read More]
Are these supposedly 'impossible-to-kill' plants really that easy? [Read More]
OTI MABUSE has admitted she is unsure about her future on Strictly Come Dancing as she makes her judging debut on Dancing On Ice. [Read More]
You will soon be able to do much more with your friends - and find out what they really think of what you have to... [Read More]
OPINION: As the pandemic reconfigures the labour market, maybe it's time to park passion and guide workers towards jobs that really need our skills. [Read More]
OPINION: Downtown Invercargill doesn't really have a palette. Couldn't it, though? [Read More]
Great Falls lost a former police chief and city commissioner on Friday, January 14, 2022, as Bob Jones passed away, leaving quite a legacy.Jones was... [Read More]
Short-term disputes are really symptoms of deeper divisions in the U.S. over who deserves academic opportunity, and how to present the nation's history. [Read More]
Spells seem to be a HUGE part of doing magic and practicing Witchcraft - but are they really? I see a lot of folks worrying... [Read More]
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