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A Democrat member of Congress, Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., who earlier accused GOP colleagues in Congress of escorting people through the Capitol on January 5... [Read More]
House speaker's comments come after a congresswoman said she saw colleagues leading 'reconnaissance' tours before the riot... [Read More]
Some Democratic lawmakers are claiming that House Republicans conspired with the insurrectionists who attacked the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, going so far as... [Read More]
Some House Democrats allege that some Republican members of Congress gave rioters "reconnaissance" tours of the Capitol ahead of the attack, and an investigation of... [Read More]
Rep. Mikie Sherrill has said members of Congress led "reconnaissance" tours of the Capitol a day before the violent protests by supporters of President Donald... [Read More]
Rep. Mikie Sherrill said in a new interview that a suspicious group in the Capitol complex on Jan. 5 -- the day before a pro-Trump mob overran... [Read More]
Washington withdrew from the treaty, which lets countries make reconnaissance flights over each other's territory, last year. Moscow's move could signal difficulties for the Biden... [Read More]
A newly elected Republican congresswoman denied leading a tour last week for "insurrectionists" who violently stormed the U.S. Capitol the following day.Democrats have called for... [Read More]
Russia said Friday it will withdraw from an international treaty allowing observation flights over military facilities following the U.S. exit from the pact. Russia's... [Read More]
Moscow's decision to pull out of the 1992 agreement, observed by 34 states, comes two months after Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the... [Read More]
Russia announced its intention to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty that allowed Moscow and the West to carry out unarmed reconnaissance flights over each... [Read More]
The Open Skies Treaty was intended to build trust between Russia and the West by allowing the accord's more than three dozen signatories to conduct... [Read More]
Democrats this week demanded a full investigation into whether Republican House members assisted rioters in the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, fueled in part... [Read More]
U.S. Capitol Police confirmed an investigation of allegations from Mikie Sherrill of Congress escorting groups through the Capitol complex. [Read More]
Captain's starlog, January 15, 2021 During routine reconnaissance, we come across a strange piece of flotsam hovering in space near planet Earth. Minutes later… .... [Read More]
Any members of the U.S. Congress who helped a crowd of President Donald Trump's supporters storm the Capitol should face criminal prosecution, House of Representatives... [Read More]
Rep. Mikie Sherrill said she saw members of Congress leading "reconnaissance" tours through the Capitol building the day before the riot... [Read More]
The British-made armoured reconnaissance vehicle may not strictly be classed as a tank, but it's still a pretty alarming sight on the streets of a... [Read More]
More than 30 House Democrats on Wednesday requested an immediate investigation into "suspicious behavior" and access that was allegedly given to visitors at the U.S. Capitol the... [Read More]
Let's be clear, there's no way those groups could have gotten into the Capitol without a Member of Congress or a staff member of a... [Read More]
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