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The Republican Party will begin its time as the minority party in Washington unpopular with a public ready to move on from President Donald Trump,... [Read More]
Sen. Ben Sasse writes that the Capitol riots were a "blossoming of a rotten seed" that was "nourished by treachery, poor political judgment, and cowardice." [Read More]
As of last Dec. 8, there was no chance that Donald Trump could reverse his loss in the election. His efforts to do so were... [Read More]
These are the full remarks of local attorney David Savage at the Jan. 11, 2021 meeting of the Charleston County Republican Party. [Read More]
Now that the Harrison County Republican Party has unanimously passed a resolution supporting the legislative priorities adopted by the Republican Party of Texas, the local... [Read More]
Following the Capitol riot, the Republican Party needs to return to the sober conservatism of Gerald Ford again. [Read More]
President-elect Joe Biden faces a Republican Party transformed by President Trump, giving the incoming Democratic president an opportunity to find common ground with the GOP's... [Read More]
On one side is the Trumpist base, on the other establishment conservatives – and experts are frankly not sure what lies ahead... [Read More]
Republican Party must rid itself of the people who put GOP in this position. [Read More]
America badly needs a stable center-right party. [Read More]
Sen. Susan Collins should follow the lead of other principled Republicans, like former Rep. Paul Mitchell of Michigan and former New Hampshire Republican Chair Jennifer... [Read More]
The long history of the Republican party has, until now, stood for certain verities: less taxation, limited government, law and order, family values, freedom from... [Read More]
Dr. Demi Kouzounas, a dentist from Saco, gets another term, while Shane Reitze replaces Nick Isgro as vice chair. [Read More]
Sen. Lisa Murkowski should do the right thing and leave the Republican Party. [Read More]
Despite the angst of Republicans amid President Donald Trump's leaving office and the black eye of the storming of the Capitol, take solace in the... [Read More]
Maine Republican Party leaders have been spreading the disinformation that led to the assault on the U.S. Capitol. [Read More]
State Republican Party leaders on Saturday abruptly adjourned a meeting... [Read More]
The Republican Party's rejection of reality was blasted by a GOP senator in a 2,000 word essay published by The Atlantic on Saturday evening."Eugene Goodman... [Read More]
It began on the steps of the Capitol four years ago with a declaration of an end to "American carnage." It is scheduled to end... [Read More]
Are violent, right-wing extremists part of the Republican Party? Let's, instead, categorize them with what they most resemble: the Taliban. Same technique. Same motivation. Same... [Read More]
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