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Will Republicans be able to curb their enthusiasm over the notion of the fall election as a referendum on capitalism versus socialism, and love of... [Read More]
Nine in 10 Republicans see president Donald Trump winning re-election on November 3. But, so do three in 10 Democrats. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders has seized a commanding position in the Democratic presidential race, building a diverse coalition that is driving his liberal movement toward the cusp... [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg is getting a boost from a Hollywood elite; and, it's from a libertarian, who usually backs republicans. [Read More]
Troy Recker and Lori Rayle are running as Republicans in the March 17 primary for the Putnam County recorder seat.Recker's wife, Cathy... [Read More]
A local congressman is crediting one Hidalgo County commissioner's efforts to bring together local, state and federal officials for the success of a nine-figure federal... [Read More]
The CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that Republicans are far more confident than Democrats, with 90 percent of GOP registered voters expecting the president to win... [Read More]
During a night devoted to Republicans, a two-time presidential contender and onetime Democrat gave members of the Gaston County GOP a glimpse into the... [Read More]
A vocal Bernie Sanders supporter. A Chicagoan with zero followers on Twitter. A dozen registered Republicans. These are some of the digital soldiers Michael R.... [Read More]
Republicans hope to learn more about U.S. Attorney John Durham's review of the Russia investigation when Attorney General William Barr testifies next month. [Read More]
Mike Bloomberg is getting a boost from Clint Eastwood, a libertarian who usually backs Republicans. Eastwood spoke about the former New York mayor in a... [Read More]
To the Editor:"I take an Oath before God as enormously consequential …" Sen. Mitt Romney said to explain his historic vote to impeach President Donald... [Read More]
Gov. Ralph Northam's assault weapons bill was in trouble - not from Republicans in the newly blue legislature, but from a handful of fellow Democrats... [Read More]
One sure sign of an election season heating up is political parties establishing a physical presence in communities to advance their goals, and Surry County... [Read More]
President Trump continues to ride the Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), but some analysts think he and the Republican might want to think twice about what... [Read More]
Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders cautioned Republicans not to dismiss Bernie Sanders's rise to the top of the 2020 Democratic presidential field. [Read More]
Republicans taught Donald Trump an important lesson during the impeachment process. They will stand by him -- no matter what he does. [Read More]
Democrats have no hope of beating Trump by attacking each other — it just provides fodder for Republicans. [Read More]
Trump's National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien doesn't believe there's anything to the reports about Russia once again interfering with the U.S. presidential election. In an... [Read More]
Conservatives' view of higher education is slipping. Republicans have shown increasing distrust over the past several years, but students and faculty in Nebraska say they... [Read More]
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