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The international community must help researchers develop cures for tiny but deadly organisms. [Read More]
Ev Fedorenko is conducting a study seeking to dispel myths and establish a basic understanding of how the polyglot brain works... [Read More]
The UK's Tier 1 Visa system is being renamed and expanded to cover entrepreneurs, digital tech workers, researchers and people working in the creative industries.... [Read More]
HIGH blood pressure is a sneaky health issue that could be pumping its way through your veins. Hardly noticeable, researchers have discovered a link between... [Read More]
Researchers from Maastricht University in Holland tracked the drinking habits of 5,500 people over two decades and found men and women who drink daily are... [Read More]
Yale and Harvard researchers found that Medicare for All reduces costs while public option makes health care more expensive. [Read More]
The skeletons, which included 27 children, gave scientists and researchers insight to how small communities reacted to the catastrophic disease in the 14th century... [Read More]
Video app's most popular users could rake in millions by collaborating with brands... [Read More]
In a first, U.S. researchers have used artificial intelligence to identify a powerful new antibiotic capable of killing several drug-resistant bacteria. An... [Read More]
Every day, scientists are learning more and more about the universe that surrounds us. Sometimes, their findings are jut neat, but they can also make... [Read More]
A biogeographer at USM is investigating an ancient forest under the ocean floor. [Read More]
A new study led by Florida Tech shows a naturally occurring neurotoxin may be present in the Indian River Lagoon, even when potentially harmful algae... [Read More]
Young men with autism have surprisingly low levels of a key protein that appear to play a role in inflammation and metabolism in their brain,... [Read More]
MEN who gorge on dough balls, burgers, chips and cola are more likely to have small testicles and a low sperm count, a study suggests.... [Read More]
Researchers say they have made a breakthrough to develop a coronavirus vaccine. [Read More]
The study will look at protective gear and equipment firefighters use. [Read More]
It has taken three years to come up with this groundbreaking method, but it may be two more years until it can be used in... [Read More]
Researchers have decoded the genetic map for how maize from tropical environments can be adapted to the temperate US summer growing season. They believe that... [Read More]
A woman tested positive for the coronavirus but she never became physically ill. Her family members, however, developed fevers. [Read More]
Undergraduate research experience students attended the 2020 Emerging Researchers National Conference. [Read More]
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