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Riot Games is updating its RP and product prices in both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics... [Read More]
Riot Games has revealed that a deathmatch mode will be headed to 'Valorant', and also discussed cross-region play as well as a pick and ban... [Read More]
Riot Games has unveiled its first non-'League Of Legends' game: 'Valorant', a tactical hero shooter that's unlike any other. [Read More]
Riot Games has detailed some of what players can expect in the future of Valorant. Riot is planning to release around six Agents each year. [Read More]
Riot Games has revealed future plans for its new multiplayer FPS, 'Valorant', including new agents, maps, game modes and more. [Read More]
What's next for Riot Games' free-to-play hero shooter Valorant? Producer Anna Donlon provides a rough roadmap for the year ahead. [Read More]
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