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Garrison has 'fulfilled its combat mission', Ukraine general staff says; officials say 'exchange procedure will take place' to bring evacuees home... [Read More]
The Associated Press and the PBS series "Frontline" have independently verified that Russia has destroyed or damaged at least 56 Ukrainian schools in a manner... [Read More]
Opening statements are set for Tuesday in the trial of a lawyer for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign who is accused of lying to... [Read More]
Oil prices eased on Tuesday as Hungary resisted a European Union push for a ban on Russian oil ... [Read More]
The Operation was dubbed DETROIT LIONS and he was codenamed LION1, due to Alexandrov being a native Michigan resident. [Read More]
Japan signed a ¥13 billion ($100 million) loan agreement with Ukraine on Monday, offering financial assistance as the country faces an economic crisis due to... [Read More]
Defenders of Ukrainian steel mill declare mission complete after fighters evacuated to Russia-controlled areas news - The Black Chronicle Areas, Black Americans, black news, blackchronicle,... [Read More]
If the 1990 opening in Pushkin Square was a symbol of hope, Monday's exit announcement is confirmation that Russia is now not just uninvestible, but... [Read More]
On a windy military island off Helsinki, people from all walks of life are spending their weekend doing military training, as volunteer numbers soar and... [Read More]
The restaurant chain, which launched in Moscow in January 1990 to great fanfare, characterized the withdrawal as difficult but necessary. [Read More]
A Ukrainian military base was targeted in a Russian missile attack early on Tuesday morning as a series of loud explosions rocked the western city... [Read More]
"Unusual and delicious." That is how one woman described McDonald's food to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on the day the fast food... [Read More]
A pop-up shop at Westfield Old Orchard in Skokie, IL is supporting Ukrainian artisans during the war between Russia and Ukraine. [Read More]
Global prices for grains, cooking oils, fuel and fertiliser are rising at the fastest rate in 30 years since Russia invaded Ukraine and blocked exports. [Read More]
The US Air Force has said it has conducted a successful test of a hypersonic weapon, which flew at five times the speed of sound.... [Read More]
As fighting for the Donbas continues, Ukrainian soldiers have taken victorious video footage of their advance on Kharkiv as Russian forces retreated. [Read More]
The quick acceptance of Ukrainians fleeing Russia's aggression... [Read More]
Oil prices opened lower in early Asian trade on Tuesday after the European Union's efforts to enact a ban on Russian... [Read More]
VLADIMIR PUTIN's troops have scaled back their offensive in the Donbas after Russia reportedly lost one in three soldiers. [Read More]
U.S. authorities stopped migrants more than 234,000 times in April, one of the highest marks in decades as the Biden administration prepares to lift pandemic-era... [Read More]
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