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The government's new plans have clearly been developed in a vacuum by politically motivated policy wonks with little understanding of how the real-world works... [Read More]
SADIQ KHAN has been brutally attacked over his record as London Mayor by a frustrated Conservative Party rival. [Read More]
Sadiq Khan's decision, which came into effect in April last year, removed an exemption from the congestion charge for all private hire vehicles - except... [Read More]
LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan has been told to "get a grip" on crime in the capital after another horrific 48 hours of bloodshed. [Read More]
Sadiq Khan has demanded the Government to work with local leaders and asked to know the coronavirus 'game plan'. The London Mayor claimed he discovered... [Read More]
London Mayor Sadiq Khan complained that he had been shut out of Cobra crisis meetings and snubbed by the PM since mid-May. [Read More]
SADIQ KHAN was grilled on Wednesday's edition of Good Morning Britain by Kate Garraway as the host tried to get answers as to whether London... [Read More]
GMB'S Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard welcomed Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, onto the ITV breakfast show to discuss the possibility of a London lockdown... [Read More]
SADIQ KHAN was challenged over his record as Mayor of London during the coronavirus pandemic and his criticism of Boris Johnson as GMB host Kate... [Read More]
SADIQ Khan has been accused of "forgetting his roots" and "betraying his communities" as Mayor of London. Tory Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey will today lash... [Read More]
Key worker housing could make a comeback in the capital... [Read More]
SADIQ KHAN is facing mounting pressure to remove London's 'Night Czar' from her £80,000-a-year role after more than 800 people signed a protest petition. [Read More]
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has written to the PM to voice 'great surprise' at suggestions the capital could be effectively sealed off if there... [Read More]
Boris Johnson was today accused of "riding roughshod" over democratically elected local leaders after it emerged that he excluded Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, from... [Read More]
Sadiq Khan said proposal to use motorway to seal off capital was 'totally unacceptable and an affront to London'... [Read More]
London Mayor Sadiq Khan said there is a 'real risk of violent crime spiking as lockdown is eased' in the capital after the pandemic sent... [Read More]
London's mayor said he was 'surprised' to read the plan in Sunday newspapers and accused the Prime Minister of 'riding roughshod' over local leaders... [Read More]
Sadiq Khan has ordered Boris Johnson not to seal off London in a angry letter in which he complains of not being informed of the... [Read More]
SADIQ KHAN could face legal action from campaigners over his decision to raise the fees of the London congestion charge and introduce new weekend rates. [Read More]
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