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Mayra Verónica, who dated Sam in 2015, revealed she thought her model ex-boyfriend 'hit the jackpot' with fiancée Britney Spears! [Read More]
Sam Asghari trains hard with his stunt team in this wild video posted on Instagram. The recently engaged boyfriend to Britney Spears is seen safely... [Read More]
Sam Asghari's ex-girlfriend Mayra Verónica described him as a "really, really supportive guy." [Read More]
Mayra Veronica shared her opinion of ex-boyfriend Sam Asghari after he and Britney Spears announced their engagement — details... [Read More]
Britney Spears was grinning as she took Sam Asghari for a spin around Los Angeles on Sept. 17! The couple got engaged just a week... [Read More]
Britney Spears' fiance, Sam Asghari, finally hit the jackpot, but so did Brit ... so says his famous ex. We got Sam's ex, Mayra Veronica,... [Read More]
O casal deu o que falar após anunciarem noivado! [Read More]
Asghari has been with Spears for a long time. Why are we tying ourselves in pretzels trying to explain away his motives simply because he's... [Read More]
The actress explained that her intention was to "make them laugh not cause pain." [Read More]
Here's everything you need to know about the pop star's supportive, soon-to-be husband. [Read More]
Octavia Spencer apologized to Britney Spears and her fiance, Sam Asghari, for making a joke about their engagement. [Read More]
A family law attorney tells HollywoodLife why Britney Spears shouldn't get married before her conservatorship ends. [Read More]
Octavia Spencer said she apologized to newly-engaged Britney Spears and Sam Asghari for saying they should get a prenup, and called on her fans to... [Read More]
A look at Britney Spears' romances including husbands Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline as well as fiancé Sam Asghari. Read Full Article... [Read More]
Octavia Spencer says she reached out privately to Britney Spears and Sam Asghari over a comment she left in response to the singer's engagement announcement. [Read More]
'Let's show them love.'... [Read More]
Whoops! Octavia Spencer was among many casting a little bit of a negative light on the happy news that Britney Spears and her longtime boyfriend... [Read More]
Octavia Spencer previously teased that Britney Spears should 'make' her fiancé Sam Asghari sign a prenup... [Read More]
Octavia Spencer has apologized to newly engaged couple Britney Spears and Sam Asghari after making a joke about a prenuptial agreement. [Read More]
 Octavia Spencer revealed that she has apologized to Britney Spears and Sam Asghari after jokingly commenting on their engagement post to 'make him sign a... [Read More]
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