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President Trump has thumbed his nose at Lady Liberty with his bizarre notion of shipping undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities that he... [Read More]
Sanctuary cities are sanctuaries are they not? Or aren't they supposed to be open and willing to take refugees from all nations at any time?... [Read More]
The suggestion that the Trump administration release illegal aliens in sanctuary cities was the inspiration of Deputy White House Policy Coordinator May Davis. Broaching this... [Read More]
A San Diego-based immigrant advocacy group applauded Thursday's appellate court ruling in favor of the state's so-called sanctuary cities law. [Read More]
It is mystifying why Democrats are so up in arms about President Trump's declaration that he is considering releasing illegal immigrants into so-called "sanctuary cities."... [Read More]
Right down the street from the Governor's Mansion, a group of his constituents met at the Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church for its service to... [Read More]
Invoices released by the city of San Antonio confirm that it has already spent more than a quarter-million dollars defending Chief William McManus, the police... [Read More]
Roger Williams Immigration Law Clinic's Deb Gonzalez talks sanctuary cities on State of Mind... [Read More]
Roger Williams Immigration Law Clinic's Deborah Gonzalez talks sanctuary cities on State of Mind... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's proposal for sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is supported by 46% of voters nationwide, according to a national survey. Fifty-four... [Read More]
President Trump wishes to dump "undocumented immigrants" into sanctuary cities. [Read More]
Moments after the White House officially denied that it had entertained a proposal to release detained immigrants in "sanctuary cities," President Donald Trump declared that... [Read More]
Thanks to Trump's plan to give these so-called sanctuary cities what they claim they want, we see both parties for who they really are. And... [Read More]
No one can accuse Donald Trump of not being able to grab attention. [Read More]
Incumbent Michael Hancock, Lisa Calderon, Jamie Giellis and Penfield Tate III talk about sanctuary cities. [Read More]
As the debate over so-called sanctuary cities is back in the national spotlight, two Republican-led proposals that would bar such policies in Florida are close... [Read More]
Is New York a "sanctuary city" for undocumented migrants or not? Given Mayor de Blasio's rhetoric this week, it's hard to tell. President Trump's threat... [Read More]
It was no accident Effingham County's resolution to protect the rights of gun owners stole an important word from the very people the resolution was... [Read More]
There has been a lot of talk this past week about President Trump's latest proposal to send detained immigrants to sanctuary cities across America, which... [Read More]
House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., invited White House senior adviser for policy Stephen Miller to appear before the panel next month, due to... [Read More]