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That Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada caucuses is a one-line story: Bernie won in Nevada. The real story is the absolute horror that... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders cemented his frontrunner status in the Democratic primary Saturday with his huge victory in the Nevada caucuses. The Vermont senator, who... [Read More]
MSNBC's Chris Matthews is under fire after comparing Sen. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders cemented his standing as the Dem frontrunner after the Nevada caucus win — and his rivals were left to explain how they could... [Read More]
Senator Bernie Sanders established himself as the Democratic Party frontrunner in the Nevada Caucus which established that the caucus system should be replaced by a... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders wins big in Nevada, as Biden, Warren and Buttigieg look forward to the South Carolina race and Super Tuesday... [Read More]
The poll suggests that only marginal differences separate Democratic candidates when it comes to challenging President Donald Trump — and it portends another race that... [Read More]
Early Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders is leading the party's primary race in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, a new poll finds, while President Donald Trump is... [Read More]
The Hill's media reporter Joe Concha joins 'Fox & Friends.'... [Read More]
Only Biden, Buttigieg and Steyer were still in the state when news of Sanders' victory was announced. [Read More]
The big win last night by Bernie Sanders in Nevada just handed the hideous Never Trump coalition another resounding defeat. [Read More]
Enlarge this image ... [Read More]
We look at the results coming out of the Nevada caucuses, Russia's attempts to interfere in Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign and what to expect from... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders's Nevada caucus campaign ended with a convincing win, thanks in large measure to a 37-percent victory among Latino caucus-goers. But the seeds of that... [Read More]
Young people and Latinos came out big for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Nevada caucuses. Camila Lausso explains why she picked Sanders to be her... [Read More]
The Vermont senator won the most votes in Iowa. Now he's won New Hampshire and Nevada outright. That makes him the front-runner for the Democratic... [Read More]
After winning Nevada, the Vermont senator is riding a wave of votes, delegates and momentum into the next contest. [Read More]
"Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they'd be Republicans." — Will Rogers*****With roughly 1% of the... [Read More]
Contests in 15 states over the coming week and a half—starting in South Carolina on Feb. 29 and then Super Tuesday on March 3—could determine... [Read More]
"Moderates need to either consolidate or see Bernie run away with it," said a Democratic strategist. "It's time for some decisions or live with the... [Read More]
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