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Preliminary results from a scientific study aimed at measuring the spread of COVID-19 in Indiana estimates that about 1 in 10 Hoosiers have been infected... [Read More]
LIGHTNING has been detected exhibiting such extreme energy they have been dubbed 'superbolts' in a new scientific study. [Read More]
Dr. Chad Hanson and his colleagues conducted an ambitious scientific study on wildfire behavior and trends — one of the largest ever to analyze the... [Read More]
A new scientific study has confirmed that bones discovered in Antrim belong to two different species of dinosaur. [Read More]
AGEING is not inevitable and can even be reversed, researchers on a landmark new scientific study have claimed after pumping a handful of pensioners with... [Read More]
According to a new scientific study from the University of Oxford, video games can benefit your mental health. Unless you're us playing Overwatch, in which... [Read More]
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