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As a child in the 1980s, I visited the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England, to learn about the Scandinavian seafarers. The museum stank —... [Read More]
Scientists film a species of snailfish swimming at an extraordinary depth, breaking the current record. [Read More]
On Monday, March 20th, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest assessment on climate change, drawing on the findings of hundreds of... [Read More]
Scientists can now 3D print soft robotic replicas of a patient's heart which can pump like a real one. The MIT research team, led by... [Read More]
These scientists are now working on a water-based battery that can be an excellent alternative to lithium-ion batteries. [Read More]
Scientists from Texas University are working on a water-based battery that can potentially be an alternative to lithium-ion. [Read More]
Scientists are baffled by the sudden arrival of a new species of creature at a number of landmark locations all around the world! Apparently... [Read More]
Scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory's COHERENT team attempted to detect dark matter particles by using neutrino detectors located in Neutrino Alley, an area beneath... [Read More]
Alberta's flu season, which is not over yet,  is shaping up to be one of the deadliest in recent memory and that is sparking concern among... [Read More]
Climate change has increased sea levels, scientists say, and Atafona is an extreme example of the challenge that lies ahead in a country with some... [Read More]
Scientists have watched in astonishment as ocean temperatures have steadily risen over the past several years -- even as the cooling La Niña phenomenon had... [Read More]
Billions of dollars' worth of precious metals are hiding in the leftover waste, known as tailings, from mining operations. And scientists are figuring out how... [Read More]
In the Rockies, chronic wasting disease can devastate herds; scientists are looking for solutions. [Read More]
Scientists might not spot something like this for 10,000 years. [Read More]
The Chocolate Scoreboard, coordinated by Australian campaign group Be Slavery Free, ranked 43 companies that purchase over 90 per cent of the world's cocoa, in... [Read More]
Michael Holmes interviews Matthew England, one of the scientists behind a new study showing that melting Antarctic ice poses a grave risk for the global... [Read More]
An Alabama company wants to mine near the 440,000-acre Georgia swamp, but locals and scientists fear it could be irreparably harmed... [Read More]
Scientists used their imagination for the world's first Black-Out Bulb, to give poor sleepers a better night's rest. [Read More]
Scientists Artificially Raise , Heart Rates of Mice , to Induce Anxious Behavior . 'Newsweek' reports that a recent study showing that anxiety can be... [Read More]
According to a recent article in yahoo!life, "eating lentils could add 10 years to your life, scientists say." [Read More]
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