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Scientists have discovered specific conditions that occur along the ocean floor where two tectonic plates are more likely to slowly creep past one another as... [Read More]
A CURE for baldness is on the horizon after scientists grew hair on mice using human stem cells. The therapy, in effect, cured baldness since... [Read More]
Leading scientists warned last night that Boris Johnson's two-week foreign quarantine plans made "no sense" as Downing Street's own chief scientific adviser distanced himself from... [Read More]
Scientists have landed a blow in the fight against superbugs with an antibiotic that can wipe out some of the most dangerous bacteria without them... [Read More]
Scientists have moved closer to a cure for baldness by growing patches of hairy human skin in a laboratory.Researchers managed to coax pluripotent stem cells... [Read More]
SCIENTISTS have slammed Britain's new quarantine rules saying the scheme "makes no sense" as calls grow for it to be canned. Downing Street's own chief... [Read More]
Mars may have once had rings, and researchers say the evidence may still be orbiting the planet today. Phobos, the tiny Martian moon, may have... [Read More]
The coronavirus isn't mutating to become more dangerous, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. Scientists around the world studying the virus have not found it... [Read More]
It's not the first time llamas have been called to action against viruses. [Read More]
(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)Jeremy Smith, University of Tennessee(THE CONVERSATION) In "The Hitchhiker's Guide... [Read More]
Master builders of the sea construct the equivalent of a complex five-story house that protects them from predators and funnels and filters food for them... [Read More]
Curious George, Curiosity Quest and Climate Change. #LearnAtHome satisfies. Curious George is back getting into mischief with caterpillars and a wind sled (11:00 a.m.... [Read More]
In the journal Metabolomics, scientists studied whether statin-induced changes in metabolism correlated with statin-induced signs of diabetes. [Read More]
Just call me a worthless useless Democrat who loves to see people sitting at home caged up like animals, because I choose to listen to... [Read More]
Air pollution has become a fact of modern life, with a majority of the global population facing chronic exposure. Although the impact of inhaling polluted... [Read More]
An international team of researchers announced the development of the world's most compact semiconductor laser that works in the visible range at room temperature. The... [Read More]
Scientists from IFJ PAN in cooperation with researchers from the Nara Women's University (Japan) and the Jagiellonian University (Poland) took another important step towards building... [Read More]
Scientists from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, develop a novel silica-based cathode for lithium-sulfur batteries, thereby enabling the realization of batteries... [Read More]
Scientists are awestruck over larvaceans' complex mucus structures. [Read More]
Scientists have long debated which genetic information carrier -- DNA or RNA -- started life on Earth, but a new study suggests life could have... [Read More]
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