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Singapore scientists have developed a bio-functional thermogel, a type of synthetic polymer, to prevent retinal scarring caused by failed retinal detachment repair surgery. Proliferative vitreoretinopathy... [Read More]
Prince Albert II of Monaco looked statesman-like as he signed the Golden Book on a visit to the German town of Bremen today.The Prince, who... [Read More]
A 'false thumb' allowed a panda ancestor to grip and break heavy bamboo stems, scientists say... [Read More]
For once, algorithms that predict crime might be used to uncover bias in policing, instead of reinforcing it. A group of social and data scientists... [Read More]
An English herbarium has stored a misidentified sample of the newly discovered species for the past 177 years. [Read More]
Scientists have unlocked the mysterious origins of Earth's minerals and detailed their diverse formation and finding evidence for the role of water and rare elements... [Read More]
Technique could be 'very powerful weapon' in boosting crop yields as environmental crisis worsens... [Read More]
A new AI algorithm could be used to predict crime in advance with a high degree of accuracy, according to researchers at the University of... [Read More]
Even without photosynthesis, scientists found that they can still grow plants in the dark, thanks to solar panels! [Read More]
Endocrinologists are making strides in the development of an effective male birth control pill with few negative side effects. [Read More]
Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, They are Complementary, Not Incompatible" webinar has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.The use of quality risk management in pharmaceutical operations... [Read More]
A waterlily with pads over 10ft wide and flowers larger than human heads is named 'world's largest' after hiding at Kew Gardens for 177 years.... [Read More]
Scientists and researchers are working tirelessly to uncover what some of the long-term damage a Covid-19 infection could pose. A new study has some shocking... [Read More]
A giant waterlily, grown at Kew Gardens, has been uncovered and has been recognised as new to science.This is the first discovery of its kind... [Read More]
Sydney's Camden tennis centre has gone under four times in four months and it's entirely possible it could happen again before the year is out.Scientists... [Read More]
Release of 'potentially hazardous bacteria' could affect China and India, say scientists... [Read More]
Scientists have found a new, unique species. [Read More]
Scientists discover the first new species of giant water lily in more than a century. [Read More]
In a Caribbean mangrove forest, scientists have discovered a species of bacteria that grows to the size and shape of a human eyelash. [Read More]
Keen cyclists have to contend with many hazards on the roads, but men may have more to worry about than keeping out of the way... [Read More]
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