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On today's episode of 'Hannity', Sean Hannity reacts to 2020 Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg imploding at his first debate appearance; plus, President Trump comments on... [Read More]
Sean Hannity declared Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's campaign to be "on life support" after... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Hannity', Sean Hannity awaits President Trump's in Phoenix, AZ; meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders compares voting for him to Nelson Mandela. [Read More]
Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity and several of his fellow hosts have been relentlessly pushing Trump to arrest virtually everyone they dislike or who has... [Read More]
In a lengthy and damning review of former columnist John Solomon, the Hill newspaper ripped Solomon - and itself - for publishing misleading and poorly... [Read More]
In his opening monologue Tuesday night, "Hannity" host Sean Hannity blasted former three-term New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg for his insanely expensive marketing campaign... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Hannity', Sean Hannity reacts to Mike Bloomberg's past remarks about farmers; meanwhile, Democratic Rep. James Clyburn compares the president's economic boom... [Read More]
MELANIA TRUMP has hit out at the media for trying to discredit her family in a shocking interview that has resurfaced with Sean Hannity. [Read More]
The Fox News host has been taking swipes at Stelter, which the latter says are linked to his upcoming book about Fox and President Donald... [Read More]
In reference to Mary Joan Leal's letter to the editor on 2-14-20, she proved my point that Trump supporters have been brainwashed by FOX news,... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Hannity', Sean Hannity questions if the Democrats will make Mike Bloomberg their plan b; meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denies President... [Read More]
Sen. Lindsey Graham (D-S.C.) denounced Democrats who called for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr after a controversy over the Department of Justice recommendation... [Read More]
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined Sean Hannity Monday night to discuss the latest developments in the Spygate scandal. Once again Sean Hannity teased a huge... [Read More]
Attorney General William Barr has a large operation underway to take down "deep state bureaucrats." [Read More]
Fox News host Sean Hannity continued going after CNN's Brian Stelter tonight, after multiple swipes at him over the weekend invoking Michael Avenatti and how... [Read More]
The Fox News host has been going after CNN online in recent days... [Read More]
After the extortion conviction of Michael Avenatti, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter is now questioning whether his propping up the anti-Trump lawyer for a presidential... [Read More]
Fox News' Sean Hannity went after Brian Stelter on Twitter in light of the CNN host's admission that he shouldn't have taken Michael Avenatti seriously. [Read More]
There has been "one atrocity after the other" in the case of former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn, his defense attorney Sidney Powell said... [Read More]
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