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Here is what we know about Amy Coney Barrett's views on the Second Amendment and gun rights. [Read More]
Hope springs eternal. If President Trump and Senate Republicans succeed in pushing through a replacement with the election looming, they will tilt the Supreme Court... [Read More]
The Second Amendment is hanging in the balance, and Trump's Supreme Court nomination this Saturday will determine its fate. All of Trump's likely nominees –... [Read More]
A measure on the November ballot to make Clatsop County a Second Amendment sanctuary will likely be challenged in court if it passes. [Read More]
"I built the Wall (security) and will totally protect your Second Amendment." [Read More]
Judge Amy Coney Barrett's impressive dissent in Kanter v. Barr (pp. 27-64) illustrates both her fidelity to the Supreme Court's landmark Second Amendment ruling in... [Read More]
With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Democrats are scrambling. Their latest Hail Marry is an attack on the Second Amendment... [Read More]
Brian and Kate Lafferty filed a lawsuit July 27 in Washington County Circuit Court seeking "declaratory judgment invalidating regulations." [Read More]
In a case challenging a Hawaii gun restriction that could affect state gun laws across the country, an attorney told an en banc Ninth Circuit... [Read More]
During a Thursday night speech in Florida, President Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden would use SCOTUS to "terminate the Second Amendment." [Read More]
Gun sales have soared in swing states, potentially elevating second amendment rights in importance as an election issue in November... [Read More]
The categorical ban on gun possession by people with felony records is therefore "wildly overinclusive," Barrett noted, quoting UCLA law professor Adam Winkler. "It includes everything... [Read More]
An attack on our Constitution is an attack on our constitutional republic itself. It has become evident that non-stop Democrat Party attacks on the Second... [Read More]
A lot of Liberals wish the Second Amendment had never been written. They wish the words would just go away. They don't understand how important... [Read More]
The judge found that the zoning rule blocking the construction of an outdoor range doesn't violate the Second Amendment. He's right. [Read More]
The SCOTUS contender's 2019 dissent will alarm gun control supporters but reassure people who want judges to take this constitutional provision as seriously as others. [Read More]
When you consider the typical left-leaning talking points, they should be the last people who are pro-gun control. [Read More]
Which candidate upholds the sanctity of life, legal immigration, border protection, the Second Amendment? [Read More]
Second Amendment-related cases are likely to come before the Supreme Court between this year and next after the new justice is sworn in, and cases... [Read More]
What happens when First Amendment free speech rights are mixed together with Second Amendment gun rights guarantees in the same space? [Read More]
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