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The Allegan County Board of Commissioners will decide over a resolution on whether or not to give the county "sanctuary" status for the Second Amendment... [Read More]
While protecting the Second Amendment is a worthy effort, passing a county-level ordinance is an impractical response. [Read More]
Dozens rallied for their "God given rights" ahead of Sumner County's vote to be a second amendment sanctuary city. [Read More]
Sumner County is considering legislation that would designate the county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary. [Read More]
Livingston County commissioners voted 6-0 to pass a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution Monday evening, making Livingston a sanctuary county. There was debate over this resolution... [Read More]
While Gov. Ralph Northam's gun control agenda is still making its way through the state legislature, many of the Virginians who helped to turn their counties... [Read More]
The board voted unanimously to pass a resolution that reaffirms its commitment and promise to support the constitution, but did not become a Second Amendment... [Read More]
Members of the Jackson/Brown County Indiana 2A United group recently got together for a reading of the Constitution.That event took place Saturday at the Jackson... [Read More]
Lincoln senator says by banning proponents' signs at last week's hearing, the state chose to trample on people's First Amendment rights while protecting people's Second... [Read More]
A large crowd of gun-rights advocates asked the Coos County legislative delegation last Friday to declare the county a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County." [Read More]
As part of its efforts to get Northern Michigan county boards to pass "Second Amendment sanctuary county" resolutions, a gun rights activist group will make... [Read More]
A group seeking to have Columbus and Bartholomew County government declare the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary failed on a second try Monday.City and county... [Read More]
On Monday, members of the Bowie County Commissioners Court voted to approve a resolution in support of individual second amendment rights. Officials said tha…... [Read More]
The NRA had argued that it had a right to review and possibly veto documents before Ackerman McQueen hands them over. The NRA said its... [Read More]
Last week county commissioners approved a resolution to declare Cumberland County a "Second Amendment Sanctuary" county and a resolution of "No consent to refugee resettlement... [Read More]
A group seeking to have Columbus and Bartholomew County government declare the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary failed on a second try Monday. City and... [Read More]
Advocates of Oklahoma's permitless carry law are challenging a petition seeking to reverse the measure that expanded residents' gun rights. The Oklahoma Second... [Read More]
Add Jefferson County to the list of places which are asking lawmakers to make the county a Second Amendment sanctuary. You shared you thoughts on... [Read More]
The Maury County Commission has unanimously declared itself a sanctuary community for the constitutional right to bear arms.The commission voted in approval of a resolution... [Read More]
Orchids to …• Violet Dickerson and the Hope Squad advisers at St Peter's, thanks for all you do for the SPL students and the Columbus... [Read More]
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