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eTechSchoolBus is Smart & Safe school bus security solution using GPS and/or RFID.According to a survey, it has been found that parents are... [Read More]
Application development is heading toward containers and Kubernetes. So are security concerns. Sysdig has built a business addressing those worries. [Read More]
Privacy Security Defender allows users to store, retrieve, update and share their passwords with maximum security granted by our anti-scam f... [Read More]
A Republican-led Senate panel on Wednesday loosened a bill requiring voters to produce a photo ID by adding other acceptable forms of identification. The proposal... [Read More]
An election for a volunteer board in the Seattle area is so obscure that voter turnout is typically less than 1%. Officials are giving online... [Read More]
Imagine you found thousands of dollars on the ground. Would you keep any of the money? George Condash discovered a box of cash... [Read More]
Police issued warnings to New Yorkers Wednesday because of a new wave of Social Security scam phone calls. [Read More]
The latest Apple security issue puts Apple users at risk of tracking, Google says. [Read More]
Wednesday is the deadline to seek cash payments and claim free services as part of Equifax's $700 million settlement over a massive data breach. ... [Read More]
Parliament's Speaker says his bags were packed to attend the event. [Read More]
A Maryland man has been arrested at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport after authorities found a 9mm handgun in his carry-on bag, the Transportation Security Administration... [Read More]
India's top court Jan. 22 began hearing dozens of petitions seeking the revocation of amendments to the citizenship law following nationwide protests and a security... [Read More]
Dave and Martha Countryman were enjoying a nice vacation on Dec. 4 when they got an alarming phone call. Hartman Brothers Medical called and wanted... [Read More]
Consider the irony: Senate Democrats are hoping that former national security adviser John Bolton - yes, John Bolton - will provide them with the bombshell... [Read More]
For the past two years, recent UAA alumnus Seth Campbell has worked on ICECON, a project commissioned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to... [Read More]
"Nobody has to provoke nobody," Macron yelled in English, sweeping his hands back and forth, after ordering the security men out of the French church. [Read More]
SSA released a new public service announcement warning consumers to beware of suspicious phone calls demanding immediate payment. [Read More]
Bangladesh's cricket team arrived in Pakistan late Wednesday for a three-match Twenty20 series on a tour only... [Read More]
Lord Fairfax Community College is hosting another speaker as part of its Tech Bytes series. [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Wednesday hardened his opposition to allowing former national security adviser John Bolton to testify in his Senate impeachment trial, citing national... [Read More]
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