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A group of parents gathered on April 15 to ask Governor Doug Ducey to veto Senate Bill 1456, which they say is discriminatory. [Read More]
The Tennessee Senate has passed a bill prohibiting government-mandated "vaccine passports." Senators voted 27–3 Wednesday to send Senate Bill 858 to the House. The measure... [Read More]
A senate bill was introduced today to improve Goddard's law, named after our very own Dick Goddard. If passed, the legislation would increase the penalty... [Read More]
Sen. Tim Knopp (R-Bend) carried Senate Bill 458 on the Senate floor as it won passage Thursday. Co-sponsored with Sen. Lew Fredrick (D-Portland), the legislation... [Read More]
A bill that would allow for medical marijuana possession for certain Tennesseans passed the Senate Judiciary Committee this week in a 5-3 vote with one... [Read More]
Senate Bill 21-33, which prescribes reparations for landowners in conflict with the state over conservation easements, was reported out of the Senate Finance Committee, as... [Read More]
Gig workers could be in line for more relief during the pandemic if a new proposal goes through. [Read More]
The Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday passed Senate Bill 961, a measure intended to protect private foundations and charitable trusts from new filing and... [Read More]
Activists and community leaders rallied in front of State Senator Todd Kaminsky's office on April 7 to encourage the senator to support the recently introduced... [Read More]
Senate Bill 55, passed in 2020, requires the South Dakota Board of Regents to assemble a task force of state lawmakers and university presidents to... [Read More]
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed tax breaks to internet companies that provide broadband access to underserved areas, saying... [Read More]
The debate over Senate Bill 202, Georgia's controversial new elections reform law, continues. [Read More]
There's been a lot of back and forth this legislative session regarding the creation of lottery, and expanding casino gaming. If the newest gaming bill... [Read More]
Currently, Texas law does not protect the confidentiality of alleged victims of sexual assault in civil court. However, there is a bill making its way through... [Read More]
During a Florida Senate Rules Committee meeting on Wednesday, a change was made to the draft of Senate Bill 90, which would allow for drop-off... [Read More]
A day after Texans were surprised by a request to conserve energy on a mild spring day, the state Senate advanced a bill that would... [Read More]
Fulton County commissioners voted Wednesday on legislation aimed at legally challenging Senate Bill 202, Georgia's new controversial voting law. [Read More]
Senate Bill 1451 removed the requirement of proving exactly when and where firefighters were exposed to a known carcinogen that is usually linked to cancer. [Read More]
House Republicans are trying to force a vote on legislation that would put in place requirements for the care of infants born after failed abortions,... [Read More]
Senate Bill 21 would require cash bail for people who have ever been convicted of a violent crime. [Read More]
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