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AUSTIN, Texas (WJW) — Lawmakers in Texas are pushing legislation that would require professional sports teams to play the U.S. national anthem at all home games.... [Read More]
Senate Bill 5092, Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium operating appropriations. Passed the House on April 3, 57-41. [Read More]
Senate Bill 227 by Sen. Tom Butler, R-Madison, to put more state regulations on pharmacy benefit managers, was approved in the Senate on Thursday. [Read More]
On Friday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed Senate Bill 4, which is a justice reform measure aimed at protecting both police and the public. [Read More]
Republican lawmakers in Georgia have overhauled the state's elections. Here's a breakdown of what will change under Senate Bill 202. [Read More]
State Sen. Jim Perry is in his first full term as a senator and his greenness is showing. Apparently he hasn't yet learned that the... [Read More]
Are you ready for a major financial crisis for your homeowners association? Well, Senate Bill 144 will make the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic... [Read More]
Public health experts are expressing concerns about an Indiana Senate bill that would limit local health department's abilities to issue emergency health orders. [Read More]
It now seems the Indiana Legislature is determined to pass Senate Bill 5, which is a direct response to actions taken by local health departments... [Read More]
Marc Roe didn't really want to bring up the subject during last week's Ottumwa City Council meeting, but he believed it too important not too. [Read More]
Members of the Indiana Public Health Association asked Gov. Eric Holcomb to veto Senate Bill 5 in a press conference held during their annual meeting... [Read More]
Florida is one of two states that does not collect sales taxes on goods purchased online from out of state. [Read More]
The House of Delegates on Friday overwhelmingly approved its version of the Senate bill to license needle excYou have reached content available exclusively to Dominion... [Read More]
The following statement can be attributed to Samuel Crankshaw:"The ACLU of Kentucky applauds Governor Beshear for signing Senate Bill 4, a version of Breonna's Law,... [Read More]
Senate Bill 11 would have restructured the state's appellate system, halving the number of districts. [Read More]
On March 24, I, along with approximately 100 other victims, testified for 11-plus hours in support of Connecticut Senate Bill 1060. The title of this... [Read More]
TCJL applauds Senator Kelly Hancock and members of the Texas Senate for the 29-1 vote today approving Senate Bill 6, the Pandemic Liability... [Read More]
Indiana's public health officials are warning about unintended consequences in their ability to issue and enforce emergency health orders if changes in an Indiana Senate... [Read More]
Civil rights and community organizations and prominent Texas Democrats are increasing their campaign against two controversial Texas election bills -- Senate Bill 7 and House... [Read More]
FRANKFORT (WEHT) On Friday, Gov. Andy Beshear signed two bills that support postsecondary education, and partially blocks non-knock search warrants. Senate Bill 270 Allows students... [Read More]
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