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Senate Republicans appear to be divided on whether to send more direct stimulus payments to Americans, even though ... [Read More]
Imagine for a moment that this is how Senate Republicans had used their power over the past three and a half years: Objected to... [Read More]
Senate Republicans are divided on whether to give Americans another round of direct stimulus payments, NBC News reports. House Democrats included another round of payments... [Read More]
Brad Polumbo writes: "With Americans growing ever more divided amid national upheaval over racial inequality and a global pandemic, it has perhaps never been more... [Read More]
Democrats advocate for another round of stimulus checks as coronavirus cases continue to rise, but Senate Republicans are on the fence or opposed. [Read More]
Imagine for a moment that this is how Senate Republicans had used their power over the past three and a half years. Objected to the... [Read More]
Mississippi scrubbed the Confederate insignia from its state flag. Top Senate Republicans want to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. And on Wednesday, a crane lifted... [Read More]
Senate Republicans are grappling with the mixed signals of a reviving U.S. economy and a resurgent coronavirus caseload as their window for evaluating the need... [Read More]
"People are even actually saying, 'Does he want this anymore?'" [Read More]
Senate Republicans are hopeful that President Donald Trump won't act on his threat of vetoing a defense policy bill because it includes a plan to... [Read More]
Senate Republicans fear President Trump is putting them into a political no-win situation by threatening to veto a popular defense policy bill over bipartisan language... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants Senate Republicans to provide more money in their Phase 4 coronavirus relief package. [Read More]
A divided Supreme Court on Tuesday on shot down a legal challenge by Senate Republicans who were trying to force Gov. Tom Wolf to end... [Read More]
Culture war. [Read More]
But GOP leaders insist they will keep the majority on Election Day. [Read More]
The U.S. House of Representatives approved a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure package on Wednesday by a 233 to 188 vote to boost spending on roads,... [Read More]
Senate Republicans have a simple message after President Donald Trump dashed off a late-night tweet Tuesday threatening to veto their must-pass defense policy bill over... [Read More]
The Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate opened hearings Wednesday on the unrest that rocked the state after the death of George Floyd, focusing on the destruction rather... [Read More]
Senate Republicans aren't shocked that President Donald Trump threated to veto the annual defense policy bill... [Read More]
Several Republican senators blasted the House-passed Washington, DC statehood bill on Wednesday, calling the legislation unconstitutional and a "Democratic power grab" that would "empower the... [Read More]
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