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A last-chance effort to salvage a deal on a big new coronavirus aid package collapsed Friday, with both White House negotiators and congressional Democrats blaming... [Read More]
The biggest sticking point in negotiations between the White House, Senate Republicans and House Democrats over the next COVID-19 relief bill is the treatment of... [Read More]
Communities across the state could face even more financial shortfalls since Senate Republicans aren't including additional local funds to supplement the CARES Act from earlier... [Read More]
For many Senate Republicans and House Democrats in swing districts, failure of the negotiations poses a major risk. They keep both sides talking. [Read More]
Republican strategists worry that the party may not be able to hold the Senate, and they almost certainly will not be able to significantly expand... [Read More]
Less than three months out from Election Day, Senate Republicans are scheduling hearings on high-profile issues such as civil unrest, protests, and the FBI's Russia... [Read More]
Nonpartisan analysts say Senate Republicans could lose their majority, which might pressure McConnell to act. [Read More]
Washington — Democratic congressional leaders are holding firm on their priorities in negotiations with White House officials and Senate Republicans over the next coronavirus relief …... [Read More]
Georgia governor and unofficial Donald Trump butt-wiper Brian Kemp signed a proposal into law Wednesday that basically treats police officers as a protected class because... [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Thursday predicted that White House negotiators, Democratic leaders and Senate Republicans will reach a deal "in the near... [Read More]
A new round of stimulus checks are currently being debated. The HEROES Act, introduced by House Democrats in May, the HEALS Act, introduced by Senate... [Read More]
Rep. Lance Gooden said Wednesday that at least 20 Republicans won't vote for a new stimulus agreement. [Read More]
Some GOP membrs are increasingly worried about the national debt. [Read More]
Senate Republicans live comfortable secure lives. They have not lost a penny of income nor suffered any economic dislocation. They and their families... [Read More]
Senate Republicans' shameful priorities are on full display as the nation continues to grapple with an unprecedented health and economic crisis. [Read More]
Athletes have joined workers who believe legal protections for corporations are not warranted. Senate Republicans support a shield but the White House has been noncommittal. [Read More]
the Health and Economic... [Read More]
Frustrated Senate Republicans re-upped their complaints that Democratic negotiators are taking too hard a line in talks on a sweeping coronavirus relief bill, but an... [Read More]
White House officials told Senate Republicans on Wednesday that if a deal is not reached with Democrats on coronavirus relief by Friday, negotiations will likely... [Read More]
As Congress works to pass another round of stimulus, Senate Republicans share their complaints on what to include in the package. Yahoo Finance's Jessica Smith... [Read More]
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