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Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she was introducing a bill to divert all funds appropriated by the Trump administration to fund a border wall in... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren offered a surprising level of praise for President Donald Trump Wednesday evening during a CNN town hall hosted by Don Lemon. What... [Read More]
Actress and activist Ashley Judd made a stop in Memphis to stump for Presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren. She urged voters to not forget about... [Read More]
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for president, talked with News 2's Raymond Owens about issues important to South Carolina voters as the …... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren made her way to Orangeburg on Wednesday, and brought with her singer and songwriter John Legend. [Read More]
On Wednesday, Democratic strategist James Carville spoke about the recent Democratic debate and gave his take on Senator Elizabeth Warren's continued criticism of former New... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign is fundraising off of what they claim is a lack of media coverage for the Democratic presidential candidate. [Read More]
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of several vying to be the Democratic party... [Read More]
Democratic strategist James Carville tore into Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for using Tuesday night's Democratic debate to continue her attack on former New York City... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren has raised critical reports of the treatment of women at Bloomberg's company. Watch her remarks here from the CBS News Democratic debate... [Read More]
Senator and Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders was the target of persistent attacks in Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate, both from his more moderate rivals and... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren went after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over his record of funding Republican candidates in past Senate races. "The core... [Read More]
Presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren's motto "Dream Big and Fight Hard" has inspired my fellow passionate, hardworking volunteers and I in our quest to make... [Read More]
One week before Super Tuesday, the newspaper endorsed the Massachusetts senator. [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign is fundraising off of what it claims is a lack of media coverage for the Democratic presidential candidate. [Read More]
Northeastern University Professor Suzanna Danuta Walters, who is perhaps best known for her Washington Post column entitled "Why Can't We Hate Men?" is back this week... [Read More]
Timothy O'Brien, a senior advisor to the 2020 Mike Bloomberg campaign, fired back at allegations from rival Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) over her claims of... [Read More]
For decades, Republicans have painted anyone left of Barry Goldwater as a "socialist." Why? Because for a generation raised on the Cold War, "socialist" just... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders has come out with an expensive but absolutely necessary 1.5 trillion child care plan. Senator Elizabeth Warren also has a plan to provide... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren returned to Colorado on February 23, nine days before Coloradans will vote in the Super Tuesday presidential primary. The Fillmore was packed... [Read More]
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