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Social Security was on the ballot in Georgia's December 6 run-off election. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock's re-election is a win for working families. It is... [Read More]
Salt Lake City, UT – The majority of Utah voters across party lines and age groups agree that the state should eliminate the income tax... [Read More]
Continuing to work past the traditional retirement age gives many the opportunity to add more money to their nest egg — and delay taking Social... [Read More]
Utah voters of all ages and across party lines agree; legislators should take the tax off of Social Security benefits. [Read More]
In less than a week, millions of Social Security beneficiaries will receive direct payments worth an average of $1,681 for those whose birthday falls between... [Read More]
People who receive Supplemental Security Income benefits are only three weeks away from the second of two payments to be distributed in December because of... [Read More]
The company, which works with hundreds of startups, said it detected unauthorized access to personal data, including Social Security numbers. [Read More]
It only takes a few minutes to check your benefit amount online. [Read More]
You could still end up with a boost later in life. [Read More]
Call the Social Security toll-free number for assistance these days, and this is the message you will hear:... [Read More]
Social Security benefits will increase by 8.7 percent in 2023 to adjust for cost-of-living increases. The latest data show inflation in Tampa's metro surpassed the... [Read More]
Just one in four retirees say they have not experienced any kind of shock event in retirement, according to a study from the Society of... [Read More]
The largest nominal-dollar increase for Social Security checks in history comes with a downside. [Read More]
They may have full control of the state Capitol and a $17.6 billion projected budget surplus to work with, but Minnesota Democrats have differences over... [Read More]
Millions of Social Security recipients are set to receive their next monthly retirement checks, worth an average of $1,681 per payment, in just seven days. [Read More]
Four incoming state senators are calling for the elimination of Minnesota's tax on social security benefits. The four Democrats include Senators Rob Kupec of Moorhead,... [Read More]
A new DFL Senate majority will hold the chamber by a single vote come January... [Read More]
Keep this rule in mind if you're thinking of claiming benefits next year. [Read More]
In an effort to protect the purchasing power of retirees, the Social Security Administration announces a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to Social Security payouts every year.... [Read More]
Here's exactly what it takes to receive the highest possible benefit amount. [Read More]
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