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CHINA's military drills demonstrate the country is a threat to the entire region and have shown even more clearly the true nature of the Communist... [Read More]
BEIJING has accused the US of disguising the identities of its warplanes as civilian aircraft to spy on China. [Read More]
Beijing says American Air Force used fake identities at least 100 times this year, putting civil flights at risk. [Read More]
China says that its imperial claims over the near entirety of the South China Sea are justified by history and political morality. There is no... [Read More]
CHINA's increased presence in the South China Sea is likely to increase the risk of "military clashes" following decades of isolated incidents in the disputed... [Read More]
SOUTH CHINA SEA tensions led to a "highly unusual event" as an enormous Chinese submarine suddenly surfaced among Vietnamese fishing boats. [Read More]
With Asean states ramping up their claims amid new stand-offs, a resolution to the South China Sea conflict looks farther away than before, experts say. [Read More]
Every weekend, a team of volunteers comb the coastline of the Malaysian resort of Tioman to collect plastic trash that washes up on the white-sand... [Read More]
BRITAIN has waded into South China Sea tensions by asserting China's "historic" claims to the region do not comply with international law. [Read More]
CHINA would take years to match US military capabilities in South China sea according to US Defence Secretary Mark Esper. [Read More]
TENSIONS in the South China Sea are reaching boiling point as the US plans to expand its Navy fleet to counter Beijing's rising sea power. [Read More]
A NEW book has revealed just how tense relations between China and the United States became in 2018 after South China Sea disputes began to... [Read More]
Exercise aimed at China... [Read More]
US MARINES have sent China a chilling warning as they practiced taking down a hostile ship in the hotly contested South China Sea. [Read More]
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the South China Sea and captured a visible image of Tropical Storm Noui as it continued to organize and... [Read More]
Visit, board, search, and seizure, or VBSS, exercises are common, but doing one in the South China Sea, amid tensions with China, is noteworthy. [Read More]
The following editorial appeared in Wedneday's Japan News-Yomiuri: - - - The Yomiuri Shimbun It is regrettable that a... [Read More]
Washington journalist details private talks between the American general and Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe in 2018, as tensions were rising over the South China... [Read More]
CHINA is furious over the US' latest project in the Indo-Pacific region, claiming Washington is attempting to launch a new anti-Beijing battleground. [Read More]
CHINA has been issued a strong warning by Indonesia after a naval vessel entered their waters, as tensions in the South China Sea hottens up. [Read More]
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