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If the assets are actually liquidated, it will likely worsen already frayed relations with Japan, which is contemplating retaliatory measures. [Read More]
The Japanese Government and the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff have confirmed the launch. It comes 13 days after North Korea launched two other... [Read More]
The final chunk of a cargo ship that capsized two years ago along the Georgia coast is awaiting removal from the water. The South Korean... [Read More]
North Korea has fired a projectile presumed to be a short-range missile into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, according to statements... [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in is pondering a prohibition on citizens eating dog meat,... [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in suggested Monday that his government should consider banning the consumption of dog meat, a traditional but increasingly controversial culinary choice... [Read More]
The country's Animal Protection Act prohibits the cruel slaughter of dogs and cats, but critics say there's little enforcement and that only a ban would... [Read More]
Approximately 1 million dogs are slaughtered in the South Asian nation annually for the consumption of meat, though the practice has declined as South Koreans... [Read More]
South Korea's president on Monday floated the idea of imposing a ban on eating dog meat, a traditional yet controversial practice. [Read More]
Analysts say Kim Jong-un's powerful sister is floating a trial balloon to see if Pyongyang can resume dialogue with Washington through Seoul, while South Korean... [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday raised the possibility of a national ban on eating dog meat... [Read More]
The South Korean star who has quickly become a fan favorite. [Read More]
South Korean boyband AB6IX have unveiled their music video for 'Cherry', the title track of their sophomore studio album 'Mo' Complete'... [Read More]
Moon Jae-in, a dog-lover, says 'time has come' for traditional practice to end... [Read More]
BTS spoke about vaccinations and performed their song Permission to Dance, while Blackpink were named advocates of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. [Read More]
The South Korean box office suffered its weakest weekend in months after the mid-week Chuseok holiday effect failed to deliver any momentum. [Read More]
Kwon Soon-woo became the first South Korean tennis player for 18 years to win a men's tour title as he beat James Duckworth in the... [Read More]
South Korean officials on Sunday called on North Korea to restore the communication hotline between the two countries, one day after North Korean leader Kim... [Read More]
Though the South Korean scored a late consolation goal for Spurs, neither he nor Kane made any significant impact on one of the club's most... [Read More]
Soon Woo Kwon became the first South Korean tennis player for 18 years to win a men's tour title as he beat James Duckworth 7-6... [Read More]
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