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LEYLA Cavanagh takes drastic action after having her drugs supply cut off next week in Emmerdale. Earlier this month viewers of the ITV soap were... [Read More]
ABI Webster is arrested for devastating car crash next week in Coronation Street. The mechanic – played by Sally Carman in the ITV soap –... [Read More]
LINDA Carter has a new business venture to focus on after Janine Butcher gave her a whopping amount of money. But just as she's about... [Read More]
The defeat of Big Mom and Kaido revealed in "One Piece" 1050 spoilers signals the end of their glory days and the start of a... [Read More]
Kaguya wants to give a heart-shaped gift to Shirogane in "Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic-" Season 3, Episode 8. [Read More]
Raido is unwell while Aharen looks excited in "Aharen-san wa Hakarenai" Episode 9. [Read More]
This column contains spoilers for the series finale of NBC's "This is Us," which aired May 24, 2022. After last week's episode about the death... [Read More]
Warning: this story contains spoilers for Monday's 'Plan and Execution' episode of Better Call... [Read More]
SECRETS often take time to be uncovered in the Dales – which often leads to embarrassing misunderstandings. Next week in Emmerdale, Chas Dingle is convinced... [Read More]
IMRAN Habeeb realises his scheming has gone too far after lying to stop Abi from getting Alfie. But the solicitor and his wife Toyah get... [Read More]
OVERWHELMED by her mother's struggle with her bipolar disorder, Stacey Slater barely has a minute to herself. However, the food van owner portrayed by Lacey... [Read More]
Who knew this trial was going to give away plot secrets for 'Aquaman'? [Read More]
Heard has claimed her role in superhero sequel was signifcantly cut down due to legal battle with Depp... [Read More]
A witness for Amber Heard may have given away massive 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' spoilers in their testimony. [Read More]
New ITV spoilers reveal that things will go from bad to worse between Charity Dingle and her son Noah as the court date for his... [Read More]
What's next in Summer Bay? [Read More]
EASTENDERS fans were left heartbroken at Ben Mitchell's harrowing rape scene. In recent weeks, Ben Mitchell (portrayed by actor Max Bowden) has been getting friendly with... [Read More]
SPOILERS: Imran Habeeb and Toyah Battersby are involved in a devastating car crash in Coronation Street after Imran decides to come clean in a chilling... [Read More]
Naofumi, Filo, Rishia, Raphtalia and Kizuna are teleported to another country in "The Rising of the Shield Hero" Season 2, Episode 8. [Read More]
AMID all the drama, feuding and money woes, Albert Square residents are getting a visit from two special guests. Next week in EastEnders, The Prince... [Read More]
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