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Spotify has been making inroads in the podcasting market over the course of the last few years, ramping up its original podcast offerings and making... [Read More]
Both Spotify and Kakao M say they want to strike a deal to license the distributor's music. [Read More]
You can now filter your 'Liked Songs' by genre and mood... [Read More]
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Investors have been waiting for Spotify's multimillion-dollar bet on podcasting to pay off, in terms of increased paid subscriptions or improved revenues. But before that... [Read More]
The streaming giant chose not to renew Korean distributor's global license, ghosting songs by Sistar, IU, Monsta X, and Epik High... [Read More]
Epik High's albums have been restored on Spotify after the streaming giant pulled several K-pop releases earlier this week. [Read More]
The "K-pop purge," as some fans call it, removed songs by popular artists like IU, MAMAMOO, and Epik High from the streaming platform. [Read More]
Spotify's removal of music from some K-pop artists from its platform has outraged international K-pop fans, who have taken to social media to protest, explore... [Read More]
Before Spotify HiFi arrives, it's probably a good idea to make sure you're listening to Spotify at the best possible quality settings. [Read More]
AllHipHop caught up with Mir Fontane to discuss why he hadn't released music in years, the recent incident with Cardi, the inspiration behind "Down By... [Read More]
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Songs and even entire discographies of some K-pop acts have been abruptly removed for Spotify users outside Korea. [Read More]
"Regardless of who is at fault, why is it always the artists and the fans that suffer when businesses place greed over art?" [Read More]
Every day, millions of people listen to songs on Spotify and other streaming music services and probably never stop to think how much money those... [Read More]
Odds are good that your "Liked Songs" playlist on Spotify is a mishmash of genres and artists that don't exactly flow together. Personally, I don't... [Read More]
It's a pleasure, in an age dominated by sound bites and tweets and graceless nicknames, to listen to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, a resolute... [Read More]
Spotify has said it hopes the 'disruption will be temporary'... [Read More]
SPOTIFY has removed hundreds of K-pop songs after a dispute with music distributor Kakao M. The South Korean entertainment company has some very popular acts... [Read More]
Popular tracks by Monsta X and Sista are removed from the platform amid a contract dispute. [Read More]
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