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Hear that, Mario? [Read More]
Square Enix's unique Nintendo DS RPG was one of the most-praised games of its generation. So what happened? And how does NEO: The World Ends... [Read More]
Square Enix has changed the icon following player's trypophobia concerns. [Read More]
Square Enix's new re-releases of Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 are strong efforts, and worthy of your attention. But there's definitely scope to improve... [Read More]
Square Enix's big Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is adding two new jobs for players... [Read More]
Square Enix announced that the icon has been changed ahead of the class being added in the Endwalker expansion in November. [Read More]
A new trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors has been released by Square Enix and developer Deck Nine Games. [Read More]
Publisher Square Enix and developer Deck Nine Games have released a new trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors dubbed "Welcome to Haven Springs," which... [Read More]
Square Enix finally release their long-awaited sequel the much love Nintendo DS classic The World Ends with you... [Read More]
Square Enix will shut down its Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko mobile game in Japan in October 2021. It will have a limited offline version. [Read More]
We've never played Final Fantasy III quite like this before. Join us as we stream the Pixel Remaster treatment of this classic JRPG from Square... [Read More]
There may not be any new Tomb Raider games being announced for the 25th anniversary, but Square Enix is giving fans a collection of coloring... [Read More]
Square Enix has confirmed that the Marvel's Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda DLC will launch on August 17. ... [Read More]
Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced on Thursday the release date for the Marvel's... [Read More]
Marvel's Avengers expansion "Black Panther: War for Wakanda" will launch on August 17 as a free update to the core game, publisher Square Enix and... [Read More]
Square Enix just released the pixel remasters of the first three Final Fantasy games. They are available now, but will cost a lot. [Read More]
On July 1st, Square Enix tweeted that the first three Final Fantasy titles would be coming to mobile as remasters on July 29th. Well, it would... [Read More]
Great reputation following Square Enix work... [Read More]
As I wait for the Pixel Remasters to unlock, I desperately try to debuff my expectations. Watch on YouTubeIf you're a Final Fantasy fan, today... [Read More]
[appicon] After a very long wait, the newest NieR game NieR Reincarnation [appprice url="https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nier-re-in-carnation/id1506553488"] from Square Enix is finally available to download worldwide for free.... [Read More]
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