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The co-director of Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves has compared the film with Star Wars but said it "definitely" sets itself apart from fantas... [Read More]
Three Little Words actress Debbie Reynolds tragically died just a day after her Star Wars star daughter Carrie Fisher, with many saying she passed of... [Read More]
Star Wars! Lord of the Rings! Hogwarts Legacy (again)! [Read More]
Disney+ has finally released the highly anticipated third season of their hit Star Wars... [Read More]
Luna would also rather french kiss this character than punch an Ewok in the face. [Read More]
This year's art show received 123 entries, including a Star Wars lightsaber duel between two Peeps marshmallows. [Read More]
Here's hoping the live-action version of the character gets a better ending than the animated version. [Read More]
The singer chimes in on his secret to a good cookie, his 'Star Wars' song and how he'd do on 'Hot Ones.'... [Read More]
The newest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, 'Chapter 21: The Pirate,' featured a big change... [Read More]
Save almost one-quarter portion. [Read More]
From Never Never Land to a galaxy far, far away, David Lowery is jumping aboard the good ship Star Wars. [Read More]
The fifth episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, 'Chapter 21: The Pirate,' was a big one for... [Read More]
Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is an upcoming animated series geared towards preschoolers that... [Read More]
The Green Knight helmer David Lowery is joining the Daniels as a contributing director on Star Wars: Skeleton Crew starring Jude Law. [Read More]
Many cool directors have worked on the various Star Wars shows for Disney+, and it looks like the... [Read More]
The latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, 'Chapter 21: The Pirate,' was released on... [Read More]
Singer John Mayer hits town Friday (with tickets for a fall show, too); Depeche Mode plays the United Center; the Elgin Symphony Orchestra performs "The... [Read More]
The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 5 is being applauded by Star Wars fans as the most action-packed... [Read More]
The upcoming Star Wars show has hired David Lowery to direct an episode. He's the filmmaker behind 'Pete's Dragon' remake and 'The Green Knight.'... [Read More]
It's not often that a LEGO sale includes popular items with discounts that exceed 20% off, and... [Read More]
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