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Nets head coach Steve Nash is really excited to get a premiere player like James Harden on the team. Now with Harden, Kevin Durant and... [Read More]
Among Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden, there's lots of proven scoring ... but also plenty of proven headaches coming for new coach Steve... [Read More]
Coach Steve Nash hasn't « had an opportunity » to learn what is happening, he said. [Read More]
With his latest remarks on disgruntled guard Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash proves he has no idea what's going on. [Read More]
Irving had allegedly wanted more input in the head coach hiring process and was supposedly not in favor of Steve Nash. [Read More]
After behaving poorly and begging for a one-way ticket out of Houston, James Harden finally forced the Rockets' hand and is now heading east in... [Read More]
"Will Kyrie play off the ball?" That was the first question an NBA assistant coach had in the wake of the blockbuster James Harden deal... [Read More]
This trade feels scary for Steve Nash, who suddenly has to get three players who specialize in being in their own heads to subjugate themselves... [Read More]
While Kevin Durant says he will comment on the trade when it is official, Jeff Green says he is not worried about Harden fitting in... [Read More]
The Brooklyn Nets' acquisition of James Harden is an exciting one for the team, but it brings a lot of new challenges. Steve Nash addressed... [Read More]
Coach Steve Nash hasn't "had an opportunity" to learn what is happening. [Read More]
James Harden reportedly has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and head coach Steve Nash (sort of) weighed in on the news Wednesday. [Read More]
Wednesday's blockbuster trade sending James Harden to Brooklyn didn't just shake up the NBA, it shook up the Nets roster. Here's what rookie head coach... [Read More]
Steve Kerr offered his thoughts on the blockbuster trade, and what Steve Nash now faces. [Read More]
The Kyrie Irving saga has taken another dramatic turn. For the past week, Irving decided to randomly sit out due to some mysterious "personal issues"... [Read More]
Steve Kerr offered his thoughts on the blockbuster trade, and what Steve Nash now faces. [Read More]
Twitter 2 Facebook Pictured: Supervisor Carmen Ramirez (Dist. 5) announcing her campaign for supervisor at the Ventura County Government Center on March 6, 2019. Photo... [Read More]
See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 116-109 win over the New York Knicks. [Read More]
Nets coach Steve Nash said his team needed Tuesdays' 122-116 win over the Nuggets "for their soul." Brooklyn had lost two of its previous three... [Read More]
Will Kyrie Irving return to the Brooklyn Nets this season? Head coach Steven Nash weighed in on the subject Tuesday. [Read More]
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