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First-term Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey appeared to be doing everything right. He worked with the city's booming business community and the City Council. He reached... [Read More]
Of the six Bay Area counties who originally partnered together for the nation's shelter-in-place order, three are moving forward with reopening more businesses on Monday... [Read More]
President Trump vetoed a bill designed to kill a plan by his administration to reduce Americans' ability to have their student loans canceled in cases... [Read More]
Nicola Sturgeon said she will not hesitate to impose a longer and tougher lockdown if Scots flout her ban on visiting other people's homes.The first... [Read More]
With California under much stricter lockdown orders, many Californians are coming to Arizona to get out of the house and enjoy our beautiful state. [Read More]
The city is restricting occupancy on restaurants and gyms when they reopen June 1 further than the state , plus implementing a few other requirements. [Read More]
A hearing on the plan continues in Bankruptcy Court. Separately, a judge calls PG&E "a recalcitrant criminal" for resisting stricter safety measures. [Read More]
The European Union can tighten rules governing workers sent outside their home countries despite protests from Hungary and Poland, an adviser to the bloc's highest... [Read More]
Everyone in San Francisco will soon be required to wear face coverings "on most occasions" when they are outside their homes, officials announced Thursday. [Read More]
China's parliament moved Thursday to approveĀ changes to national security laws in Hong Kong that activists warn will further curtail freedoms in the city. [Read More]
Formula One organizers have set a stricter budget cap than originally planned, which will lead to job cuts at some teams. [Read More]
Clackamas County farmworkers receive free PPE to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 Oregon State University's Extension Service in Clackamas County served as one of the... [Read More]
A lack of stricter job-preservation policies and expanded unemployment benefits will prolong the US's labor-market recovery, Goldman economists said. [Read More]
COVID-19 and U.S. elections are amplifying shareholder proposals for stricter oversight of social media, even if such proposals are doomed to fail. [Read More]
Some parks and recreation departments are stepping up their patrolling, while others, appear to be turning a blind eye. [Read More]
A federal lawsuit says the automaker unfairly terminated financing agreements and demanded stricter documentation from customers about their eligibility for a family discount than buyers... [Read More]
The federal lawsuit says GM unfairly terminated financing agreements and demanded stricter documentation from customers about their eligibility for a family discount than buyers at... [Read More]
Japanese government officials are pushing for stricter cyberbullying laws following the suicide of a beloved professional wrestler. [Read More]
Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called for harsher laws to tackle so-called "honor killings" after the particularly shocking slaying of a teenage girl, allegedly by... [Read More]
Waterloo, Iowa, Mayor Quentin Hart was already fighting to get his state to impose stricter measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic when he heard about... [Read More]
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