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Garden gnomes have become one of the commodities in short supply as a result of the Suez Canal blockage as well as a steep rise... [Read More]
As if anxious homebuyers in the East Valley don't have enough to worry about, that troublesome barge in the Suez Canal piled on their mounting... [Read More]
The Egyptian authorities have seized the massive container ship that notoriously blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week as the government demands hundreds of... [Read More]
Egyptian authorities impounded a massive cargo vessel that blocked the Suez Canal last month amid a financial dispute with its owner, the canal chief and... [Read More]
Gardens may have to go gnome-free this summer. Read Full Article... [Read More]
A garden centre "boom" coupled with supply chain delays are making the ornaments hard to come by. [Read More]
PSA, the No. 1 sports card grading service in the hobby, recently sent shockwaves through the card collecting community when it ceased accepting new submissions.... [Read More]
Coalition operates across 7 million square kilometres of open water including the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz... [Read More]
Egypt is demanding almost $1bn in compensation to release the impounded Ever Given despite it being valued at just $170m... [Read More]
Egyptian authorities have seized the Ever Given cargo ship that was lodged in the Suez Canal for several days last month, ordering the ship's owner... [Read More]
Americans can better navigate globalization's challenges if we reassess our understanding of national security risks and apply our resources accordingly, columnist Elizabeth Shackelford writes. [Read More]
The National Weather Service says at first they thought it was lightning, before confirming the bright ball of light was a meteor. [Read More]
A spokesman for Japanese owner Shoei Kisen Kaisha declined to comment on compensation while discussions with the Suez Canal Authority are underway. [Read More]
The Ever Given vessel quite famously charted a course that arguably resembled a certain part of the human body before running aground and causing chaos. [Read More]
The UK Club, one of the ship's insurers, said the demand is "largely unsupported" and the Suez Canal Authority never provided a breakdown of costs. [Read More]
UK Club, one of the Ever Given's insurers, said that the claim was 'largely unsupported.'... [Read More]
CAIRO (Reuters) -The cargo vessel that blocked global shipping in the Suez Canal and is caught in a legal dispute in Egypt is fit to... [Read More]
The cargo ship that spent nearly a week blocking the Suez Canal was seized by Egypt this week. [Read More]
Egyptian authorities have seized a massive cargo ship which blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week last month, amid a dispute over financial damages... [Read More]
Egypt has impounded a massive cargo vessel that got stuck in the Suez Canal, and has demanded $900 billion in compensation for the blockage. [Read More]
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