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Dwayne Johnson released the scene of Superman and Black Adam's dogs facing off for all to enjoy. [Read More]
Dwayne Johnson has a movie out, another movie coming out, and a tequila, and he'd like to make sure you don't forget... [Read More]
After offering a tease of it earlier this week, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has pulled a surprising... [Read More]
Watch the scene here! [Read More]
The movie has been a hit with audiences despite the low box office numbers. [Read More]
DC's "League of the Super-Pets" zoomed into theaters this last week. While Warner Bros. have had a rather difficult time trying to keep their DC... [Read More]
Like any good team-up, the rote but charming DC League of Super-Pets, in which Dwayne Johnson plays Superman's dog Krypto and Kevin Hart a boxer-Chihuahua... [Read More]
"DC League of Super-Pets," an animated family film from Warner Bros., topped a weaker North American box office last weekend, as the major summer moviegoing... [Read More]
DC League of Super-Pets (PG, 106 minutes) brings to the screen an animated comic drama about Superman's childhood pet, Krpto the Super Dog. [Read More]
It's no surprise why their voices are so familiar. [Read More]
JULY 13: Keanu Reeves attends a special screening of Warner Bros. "DC League of Super Pets" at AMC The Grove 14 on July 13, 2022... [Read More]
The superhero genre takes a new twist with "DC League of Super-Pets," a potential animated tent pole that expands the DC universe to the animal... [Read More]
For the longest time, Dwayne Johnson has voiced his hope to one day see Black Adam square off with the Man of Steel on the big screen. [Read More]
"DC League of Super-Pets" is a computer-animated movie about the superpowered pets of superheroes such as Batman and Superman. The new release features the voices... [Read More]
On the Granger Gauge of 1 to 10, "DC League of Super Pets" is a spirited, scrappy 7... [Read More]
Justice League of the Pet Store, anyone? [Read More]
On more than one level, "DC League of Super-Pets" falls right between "The Secret Life of Pets" and "The Lego Movie." Like "The Secret Life... [Read More]
Characters, from left, Merton, a turtle voiced by Natasha Lyonne, PB, potbellied pig voiced by Vanessa Bayer, Krypto, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, Chip, a squirrel... [Read More]
If you can't play Superman, you might as well play his dog. [Read More]
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