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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen won Saturday's election by a large margin. (Photo by Sam Yeh/AFP via Getty Images) (CNSNews.com) – In comments guaranteed... [Read More]
Four days before the Taiwanese went to the polls to elect their president for the seventh time, incumbent Ms Tsai Ing-wen unleashed a political advertisement... [Read More]
Inga's trying to recreate viral cakes from around the world, starting with this dreamy boba tea lava cake that's super popular in Taiwan. Can she... [Read More]
Regarding the Jan. 13 article "Not just a regional conflict: U.S. won't allow China to invade Taiwan, lawmaker says" by Joel Gehrke, Taiwan's presidential and legislative elections... [Read More]
CHINA has maintained its warning that unification with Taiwan is inevitable and it reserves the right to use force to bring the island under its... [Read More]
Taiwan's government and U.S. military officials say satellite images confirm the missiles' deployment. [Read More]
Popular Taiwanese vlogger Chen Chih-han was handing out fried chicken cutlets in six cities across Taiwan on Saturday (Jan 18) after he wagered that incumbent... [Read More]
Want Want China's profit increased by 18% in the first half... [Read More]
Beijing has never made a clear case as to how it would integrate a lively liberal democracy into its polity. It has much work to... [Read More]
Donald Trump is arguably the most pro-Taiwan president in U.S. history. On Trump's watch, U.S. warships sail through the Taiwan Strait - the international waters... [Read More]
On Thursday night in Symphony Hall, conductor Yu-An Chang led the premiere of Chihchun Chi-Sun Lee's « Formosa Triptych. »... [Read More]
Australia's climate denialist media, a pro-independence mandate in Taiwan, and power-sharing returns to Northern Ireland. [Read More]
The growing threat from the mainland can only be deterred by a public willing to make sacrifices. [Read More]
Is the Republic of China on Taiwan ready for an all-out attack by the military forces of the People's Republic of China, which sits only... [Read More]
Signet Jewelers, Microsoft, Tandem Diabetes, InMode and Taiwan Semi were our top stock trades for Friday -- and here's why. [Read More]
More than six months after an exhibition organized as part of the Aichi Triennale in Japan was shuttered following political and violent threats, the Taipei... [Read More]
By Sherisse Pham, CNN Business Taiwan's Foxconn might soon join forces with Fiat Chrysler to develop electric cars. [Read More]
A US warship sails through the Taiwan Strait amid a new US-China trade pact and the re-election of Taiwan... [Read More]
With the totalitarians' talent for invective and the Leninist faith that "history" has a Marxist mind of its own, a Beijing-run "news" agency dismissed Taiwan's... [Read More]
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called for China to respect Taiwan's sovereignty and its commitment to democracy, just days after she won reelection in a landslide... [Read More]
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