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The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, and Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania and Contra... [Read More]
proteanTecs, a leading developer of Deep Data solutions for electronics' health and performance monitoring, announced today its participation... [Read More]
New age classification ratings from Taiwan appear to seal the deal. [Read More]
The animal, named Emma, will be sent to its new home in Saitama Prefecture in March. [Read More]
TAIWAN has issued a stern warning to China after Beijing repeatedly sent warplanes across a boundary separating the two countries in recent days. [Read More]
Taipei is investigating heavily in asymmetric defences in the hope of delaying landings long enough for the US to come to its aid. [Read More]
In 2018, the Holy See and Beijing signed a two-year deal to unify the underground Catholic Church in China with the Communist-administered Chinese Patriotic Catholic... [Read More]
Taiwan on Tuesday demanded that China "back off" and accused it of threatening peace, after a Beijing official rejected a largely respected marine boundary following... [Read More]
Ching He Huang is the face of Chinese cooking for many TV viewers. In the U.K., she's known for shows such as "Exploring China," while... [Read More]
The University of Ottawa's Faculty of Social Sciences is joining forces with Taiwan's National Dong Hwa University College of Indigenous Studies (NDHU-CIS) to promote Indigenous... [Read More]
Taiwan advised China on Tuesday to "back off," accusing the nation of threatening peace after a Beijing official rejected an observance of a marine median... [Read More]
Two high-ranking Trump administration officials have been to the island recently. The visits come against a backdrop of deepening mistrust and deteriorating relations between the... [Read More]
Anger in Taipei after Beijing official says there is no median line in Taiwan Strait... [Read More]
Eroding barriers to escalation in the Indo-Pacific. Taiwan's government said Monday that its pilots would not be the first to fire on Chinese military... [Read More]
If the vote is close, great civil discord in America is likely — giving China an opportunity to act against Taiwan. [Read More]
Of the world's 30 largest airlines, just four reported profits for the April-June quarter, and not from carrying passengers. All are based in export-heavy South... [Read More]
The Chinese air force flew 37 planes over the Taiwan Strait on Friday and Saturday in what Beijing called a deliberate warning during a visit... [Read More]
TAIWAN has warned China that it will strike back if the island is fired on after military exercises sparked invasion fears. Chinese fighter jets flew... [Read More]
Airlines in Japan, Brunei, Taiwan, and Australia have begun offering short flights that take off and land in the same location for people who miss... [Read More]
CHINA could be ready to take drastic action in the event of another top-ranking US official visiting Taiwan by actually firing a missle over the... [Read More]
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