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Mike Roemer. Shutterstock Images.Yesterday I posted about Aaron Rodgers getting mercilessly savaged by one of the great winners in NFL history:And if you thought Terry... [Read More]
Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss Terry Bradshaw's strangely strong criticism of Aaron Rodgers' footwork amid the quarterback's reported falling out... [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw doubled down on his criticism of Green Bay Packers quarterback Tuesday during an appearance on "The Herd" on FS1. [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw was trending on Twitter today. Fortunately, it wasn't because he'd finally done what he'd supposedly done in 2007. Bradshaw continued his assault against... [Read More]
"He's a three-time MVP in the league and he's worried about this guy they drafted last year?" the Hall of Famer said about Packers quarterback... [Read More]
  Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw sure is going on a recent free for all against Aaron Rodgers, continuing to criticize the reigning NFL... [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw has no patience for the offseason saga of Aaron Rodgers and his discontent with the Green Bay Packers, which began a year ago... [Read More]
Fox analyst calls reigning MVP "weak" during appearance on WFAN radio show. [Read More]
We know of at least one team that is interested in making an aggressive offer for Rodgers. Bradshaw believes the Packers should ignore any inquiries... [Read More]
When you've got a superstar pro athlete who's made as much money as anyone in the history of his sport making it known that he's... [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw called Aaron Rodgers "weak" in lieu of recent fallout with the Packers. [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw says Packers should let 'weak' Aaron Rodgers retire... [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw says Packers should let "weak" Aaron Rodgers retire. [Read More]
Terry Bradshaw has had enough of the Aaron Rodgers drama in Green Bay, and the Hall of Famer believes that the solution is for the... [Read More]
How would Bradshaw deal with Rodgers if he was running the Packers? 'Let him cry.'... [Read More]
Aaron Rodgers' growing rift with the Green Bay Packers stole the spotlight last week just hours ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft – but Hall of Fame... [Read More]
Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw sees Aaron Rodgers as 'weak' over his displeasure with the Packers' recent drafts. [Read More]
NFL on FOX sportscaster Terry Bradshaw spoke frankly on Monday, May 3 about the situation swirling around Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. [Read More]
A report surfaced just before the draft last week that Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay, and it is believed that the primary source of... [Read More]
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a nine-time Pro Bowl selection and three-time NFL MVP, wants to be traded by Green Bay. [Read More]
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