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Tesla has showrooms at the Domain, in northwest Austin, and at St. Elmo. It is adding a fourth, set to be completed in February 2023. [Read More]
Tesla stock is rising at a slower rate in advance of its coming stock split that it did the last time Tesla split its stock.... [Read More]
A Starkville man was sentenced Friday to 6 1/2 years in prison for misusing more than $6 million in federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds. [Read More]
Hedge fund veteran Dan Sundheim found a few buying opportunities during the second quarter, including adding new positions in a pair of automakers. [Read More]
All thanks to the automaker's new partnership with SCE. [Read More]
Tesla's charismatic billionaire CEO is increasingly weighing in on politics and geopolitics. [Read More]
Panasonic Holdings is set to increase the production of electric vehicle batteries at Tesla Gigafactory Nevada by roughly 10 ... [Read More]
Tesla will unveil an Optimus prototype later this year... [Read More]
A new performance electric roadster will join the market for the 2026 model year, challenging the delayed Tesla Roadster. [Read More]
You can own TSLA stock in anticipation of the upcoming share split, or you can invest in Tesla simply because it's a top-tier EV maker. [Read More]
Tesla's China Gigafactory is on a roll for its vehicle deliveries. [Read More]
Top tech investor Paul Meeks doesn't buy into the Tesla hype, saying the stock could be a buy — but only at the right price. [Read More]
Jim Cramer weighed in on Microsoft, Apple and Tesla using charts analysis from technician Carolyn Boroden. [Read More]
The Tesla CEO previously fired employees for criticizing him and forced a woman he sexually harassed to sign an NDA. [Read More]
Tesla buyers in Canada and the United States will have to hold off on ordering a Model 3 Long Range for the time being. [Read More]
• Tesla takes luxury-segment crown • Auto borrowers behind on loans • NADA calls FTC proposal extreme... [Read More]
Elon Musk's Tesla made car No. 3 million at its Giga Shanghai factory this weekend. Tesla sales are up 98 percent over 2021. [Read More]
Four Carmel Valley residents died in a head-on crash over the weekend. [Read More]
"Full self-driving," the controversially named driver-assist feature from Tesla, may have finally met its match. [Read More]
Tesla has produced more than 3 million cars worldwide. Here's why this is great news for both investors and for TSLA stock. [Read More]
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