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THE PHOTOGRAPH offers glossy cinematography, a rich soundtrack, attractive actors, and a great jazzy musical score, but the romantic fantasy of its ending doesn't live... [Read More]
The Story"I like my work," said late photographer Christina Eames (voice of Chante Adams), "but I wish I was as good at love as I... [Read More]
Detroit native stars in "The Photograph," and later this year will play Aretha Franklin's dad in 'Genius: Aretha.'... [Read More]
Local movie critic Dale M. Pollock critiques "The Call of the Wild" and "The Photograph". [Read More]
What causes a stale Valentine? Writer and director Stella Meghie's ("Everything, Everything") "The Photograph" contains the necessary ingredients for a romantic drama, namely two generations... [Read More]
THE PHOTOGRAPH * * ½ (Love story) It is encouraging that Hollywood opened at least one love story for Valentine's Day. ... [Read More]
Chante Adams, known for her roles in "Roxanne, Roxanne" and "The Photograph," Chante Adams has been tapped to star in a re-imagining of the classic... [Read More]
SAN MATEO (BCN) San Mateo police detectives called on local residents Thursday to assist in identifying a person of interest seen in... [Read More]
First off, love stories don't come more contrived than the one in "The Photograph." LaKeith Stanfield is a journalist stumbling upon... [Read More]
In a world full of superhero movies with loud, flashy special effects and high-concept, star-studded remakes, sequels, biopics and sweeping historical dramas, it's really nice... [Read More]
The photograph was taken on February 18 in New Mexico and charts the progress of the ISS through the night sky. [Read More]
In The Photograph, LaKeith Stanfield plays Michael Block, a feature writer for a fictional magazine called The Republic. As depicted on the screen, Michael's job... [Read More]
"Crisis = danger + opportunity" redux February 19, 2020 @ 4:34 pm · Filed by Victor Mair... [Read More]
It's a love story. A groovy, romantic love story where the two main characters have tremendous chemistry and Black love is fully on display. [Read More]
Lewis Burton took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share the photograph... [Read More]
Go Behind The Lyrics With Issa RaeIssa Rae is one of the busiest women on the planet these days.Between her new movie The Photograph, her... [Read More]
The Photograph... [Read More]
Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield's film is the "Love Jones" that this generation needs... [Read More]
Any movie opening on Valentine's Day is expected to be an epic love story that will make any girl swoon over the passion being shared... [Read More]
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