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Amazingly dew points, the measure of the moisture in the air, have risen close to the actual air temperature into the upper 50s. Humidity... [Read More]
If the measure passes the Senate, it'll be on the November ballot for voters to decide. [Read More]
Supporters of a proposed state question that would prohibit enhanced prison time for repeat offenders of non-violent crimes claim the measure is a necessary ingredient... [Read More]
A proposal that drew a large contingent of Oak Park residents to Dublin City Council's Feb. 10 meeting likely will be on hold for a... [Read More]
Some workers in Hawaii who test positive for marijuana during drug tests would no longer face punishment if they hold a prescription for cannabis under... [Read More]
The measure would raise the wage to $13 in 2024. [Read More]
Arab citizens have slammed the measure as "racist" and part of a long-term Israeli strategy to expand its territory while maintaining a Jewish majority. [Read More]
The Monday meeting is the first reading of the ordinance. Council members will be voting whether to place the measure on the March 23 agenda... [Read More]
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation that prohibits cities and counties from banning new natural gas hookups. Ducey signed the bill backed... [Read More]
House Panel Advances D.C. Statehood Bill: Even as the measure has no chance of becoming law any time soon, a... [Read More]
After confusion over how much the measure would raise, supporters come together for a vote next Tuesday... [Read More]
Supporters of a voter-approved independent redistricting effort say Republican lawmakers are ready to dismantle the measure aimed at combating gerrymandering. [Read More]
After the union's executive committee voted 6-5 against the owners' CBA proposal, the NFLPA board revealed it would not hold its vote on the measure... [Read More]
The Louisiana Board of Commerce and Industry approved a significant change to the state's Industrial Tax Exemption Program that will allow a manufacturer to appeal... [Read More]
The Maryland Senate has passed a measure that would ban landlords from discriminating against potential tenants, based on their source of income. The... [Read More]
The regional government Metro announced today it will refer a $250 million a year measure to the May ballot for funding homeless services. ... [Read More]
FRANKFORT, Ky (WEHT) The Kentucky House has voted to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The measure won House passage on a 65-30 vote after... [Read More]
After a federal judge temporarily blocked Georgia's restrictive abortion law, lawyers for the state and for opponents of the measure are battling in court over... [Read More]
The Florida legislature passed a state bill requiring pregnant minors to get consent from a parent or legal guardian for an abortion, sending the bill... [Read More]
As expected, the Florida House on Thursday approved a bill requiring minor girls receive parental consent before receiving an abortion, sending the measure to Gov.... [Read More]
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